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  1. Fall 2017 Applicants

    Congratulations!! Did you apply advanced standing?
  2. Boston Area MSW Fall 2017

    Thanks! It's so crazy seeing the high cost of living. I'm definitely going to come up for a weekend in like June to look for a place too. Is getting a broker actually worth it or is it a rip off?
  3. Boston Area MSW Fall 2017

    They aren't social work specific assistantships but most are open to all grad students so I've been looking at them. I think we get an email about the ssw assistantships later. Here's the link: http://www.bc.edu/offices/gsc//students/assistantships.html
  4. Boston Area MSW Fall 2017

    Hey guys! I sent in my deposit to Boston College and will definitely be attending in the fall. I'm really excited because I love the program and I've started applying for assistantships. Has anyone started looking at housing? Specifically where can we find roommates?
  5. Fall 2017 Applicants

    I'm in the same boat with vcu. I've heard that they will release some decisions before the April time frame....but I'm not sure how much sooner. I'm thinking of emailing my peer mentor and asking what to do because I've got to make a decision by the end of the month.
  6. Boston Area MSW Fall 2017

    Yes and yes! And it's showing on my Agora portal as received.
  7. Boston Area MSW Fall 2017

    Thanks for your reply! I've gotten the scholarship award letter in the mail with my acceptance but not the information on loans/work study that I quality for. Have you heard anything about that yet?
  8. Boston Area MSW Fall 2017

    Has anyone gotten a financial aid award letter that goes through the cost of attendance and everything? I've been accepted to BC and I'd love to go but I'm waiting on that information..
  9. University of Denver MSW

    Thank you! I submitted right before the January 16th deadline. Like on January 14. I applied for the 2 year program for the mental health concentration.
  10. University of Denver MSW

    Thanks!! I just got email notification of an award today!
  11. University of Denver MSW

    Hey yall! Has anyone heard back about financial aid from Denver yet?
  12. University of Michigan MSW 2017

    Good luck to you! The wait is killing me. Work study is paid over the semester as you work a designated work study job. So it would be like a paycheck and correspond with how many hours you work!
  13. University of Michigan MSW 2017

    I did! I applied for both GSSA positions and the Detroit Clinical Scholars programs. I'm applying for all the aid I can get because I can't take out that many loans. I'm doing the interpersonal and mental health program and I want to work with adolescents so I'm definitely crossing my fingers for acceptance into that program.
  14. University of Michigan MSW 2017

    Congrats! I've also been accepted for the 16 month program. I'd really love to go but I'm out of state and that cost is crazy. So hopefully I'll get some of the aid/scholarships I've applied to otherwise it just won't be feasible.
  15. University of Denver Fall 2017

    I've heard back!! I'm excited about my acceptance but I'm waiting for financial aid before making a decision! The website says early February so hopefully any day now!