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  1. Understandable, and of course everyone has their own situations going in... I have about $170k in student loan debt from undergrad/grad combined and I know that the investment will be worth it because this industry is booming and is predicted to continue this way for several years to come. Of course, if you choose the academia route, the pay off won't be as nice, but I do think you have a shot at an amazing school that will help you get that well-paying consulting job.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm applying to PhD programs in biotech/related fields for Fall 2018, and wanted to get some insight on how my new experiences will affect my application. Here's my compiled info: -UC Irvine, Biological Sciences; cGPA: 2.8 -Brown University, Biotechnology; cGPA: 3.6 -Research experience: 5 years of research experience total; 1 publication, 3 poster presentations, 1 master's thesis (archived at Brown - not published) -Work experience: Research assistant at UCI, ER tech for about 10 months, CURRENTLY: instructor at a math school for the past 3 years, teachin
  3. Apply to Brown's biotech program! I got in with a 2.8 uGPA and GRE: Q165, V160, W5.5. I also had one publication "in review" and a few poster presentations listed on my resume... It's worth it and I felt that the school cares more about experience than grades. Good luck!
  4. This just keeps getting worse. My supervisor (who is a PhD student) was preparing for a conference since March of this year, and recently presented the poster. I had sent her all of my data throughout the year, and she even showed me the poster before she went to get it printed. My name was second on the authorship row. Then I went to the conference website and checked where all the abstracts were posted, my name was no where to be found - but her name and everyone else's names were listed. It was the same exact title as the poster she showed me, but my name was literally no where on the entir
  5. Yeah, you're right. My PI just left the country and will be out for a month, so I'm going to have to talk to my direct supervisor about this. I'm going to be completely honest, I usually hesitate to confront people with these types of things and stay pretty quiet, but I'm really unhappy about this so it's about time. Ok so I think I phrased that incorrectly about the data thing. I have already worked on several different aspects of this project, and I believe that I deserve to put this in my thesis. She made it seem like I can only write about one little portion - which is really frustrat
  6. At the beginning, I chose to work on this project under a PhD student and I grew to like it after I started getting better at optimizing the protocols and stuff. Then around the end of the second semester, I started to think that it's a really dumb idea and there are several parts that don't even make sense. To top it off, my PhD student supervisor lost his main source of funding for this project, and the PI has told us that she'd make sure we would get the basic supplies we would need to finish my part of his project. I hate this project because it's just a bunch of qualitative analysis
  7. Hello! I'm about to start my second and final year of my masters program in biotechnology at Brown. When I entered, I wasn't sure about doing a PhD or going to business school, but now I'm certain that I want to enter industry after graduating, and go into consulting. I reached out to two recruiters from different consulting firms, and we talked about the potential to grow in the company, etc. Both companies offer a sponsorship to select employees who show outstanding progress while working as an associate consultant. This all sounds great to me, and I know I still have yet to even get an
  8. Hi all, I wasn't sure where to post this, so I hope it is ok that I have posted this thread in the "Research" folder... I just finished my first year in a Masters in Biotechnology program at Brown University, did alright: 2 As 2 Bs. But my research/lab work is really great, according to my thesis advisor. She is really happy with my work and results, and has been pushing for me to apply for funding towards a PhD in her lab. Today, I discussed this whole thing with a PhD student in my department who just transitioned from Masters to PhD and she received the NSF grant to fund her project
  9. Hi all, I've posted in here many times in the past when I was applying to masters programs. I got accepted to Brown University for the Masters in biotech program, and I've been here for almost 2 full semesters now! I really love the research I'm doing here, and it's been a great experience overall. Something really great happened yesterday when I was in the lab...my PI/thesis advisor approached me after reading my most recent progress report, and she said we need to apply for funding ASAP because she wants me to do a PhD in her lab! It was all very exciting, but then I got to thinking seri
  10. Hey shadowclaw, I only had one interview and that was with Drexel. They asked me about my low grades and wanted to know if I'd be a good candidate for this program knowing that my grades were that low. I told them my grades at the time didn't reflect my true potential. After about a month, I was accepted into the program, but I had chosen Brown a few weeks before. I'm really happy to say that after my first semester at Brown, I got straight As in my classes!!! So I feel like I definitely didn't shine in my undergrad years due to immaturity and lack of direction and focus.
  11. @GeoDude, I got into Brown for a Masters in Biotech with a sub-3.0 GPA. It's possible! Now I'm thinking about applying to their PhD program next year...
  12. Hi all, I received an email from the program director telling us to find a thesis advisor AND research advisor...does that mean I'll be doing two separate projects while in my Masters program? I don't want to sound really dumb to my director so I'm going to ask this question on here first lol. I am interested in a few projects which is good, but I want to be focused on ONE so that I can put all my energy into that...
  13. I definitely think your experiences make you a more competitive applicant...I don't know too much about your field, so I guess it's best to wait until someone else posts on here what they think. I'm sorry I can't be much help, I just thought I'd put in my 2 cents and say, it is possible to get into grad schools with less than perfect grades!
  14. Well, I don't know much about the grading system in Venezuela. I have a 2.76 GPA from my undergrad (out of 4.0) which is very low for applying to grad schools, and I managed to get into Brown for a Masters program. I think a lot of the application depends on your extracurricular experiences and work experience. I was able to get plenty of research experience in my field, so I'm very lucky to have a decent background when I applied to programs. I had a 160Q, 148V, and 4.0 AW. Someone on this forum told me point blank that my chance was really low at getting in to any of the schools I had applie
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