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Will my master's degree help at all?


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Hi everyone,

I'm applying to PhD programs in biotech/related fields for Fall 2018, and wanted to get some insight on how my new experiences will affect my application. Here's my compiled info:

-UC Irvine, Biological Sciences; cGPA: 2.8

-Brown University, Biotechnology; cGPA: 3.6

-Research experience: 5 years of research experience total; 1 publication, 3 poster presentations, 1 master's thesis (archived at Brown - not published)

-Work experience: Research assistant at UCI, ER tech for about 10 months, CURRENTLY: instructor at a math school for the past 3 years, teaching science and math full time at a high school (chem, physics, calculus) and also designed a new course for the school which I will teach in the next semester. I've also been working in the lab at Brown as a research assistant while working full time at the high school. It's a lot, but it pays the bills and gives me more experience in academia and research.

-GRE (new): V160, Q165, W5.5

I'm applying to a few schools where I know I'd be able to fit in - I've had some tough health scares and I want to be closer to family which does limit my choices - and my backup plan is to apply to an industrial job in my field, with the intention of possibly applying again since some companies actually sponsor PhDs in the field.

Here's my preliminary list: Stanford, UCSF, Berkeley, University of Washington, and Brown (this school has been amazing for my career and everything, I'd be grateful to be accepted here even though it's the one that's far!). 

Some feedback from this community would be much appreciated!! Thank you so much. 

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