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  1. I applied to UNC and USD. For URTA schools (UNC for me) they can't require a response to an offer before March 13 this year (this Sunday). It's almost certain that offers are out at this point, but things will probably change after this weekend as people accept offers (and turn down others). For non- URTA schools, they can set their own schedule for these things, so who knows. For USD I've heard "mid-March" for acceptances but idk what that means. At this point I assume I'm hoping I'm high on the wait list and the person that is my type that they've offered decides to go elsewhere.
  2. Honestly, at this point if you haven't heard yes, you are probably on the maybe list at best. That said, if you haven't heard no, you're probably at least in the maybe list. So there's that. Haven't heard back from three schools yet, but I'm pretty sure if they really wanted me I would have by now. :-/
  3. I hope I don't get a response today. I wouldn't know whether to believe it or not.
  4. It's getting frustrating. My lease is up soon, and I'd like to know for sure I'll be around here another year before I sign anything.
  5. Still nothing. Waiting to hear back from Indiana and WVU. I'll probably bug them again on Monday.
  6. Emailed Indiana a couple days ago just to follow up... No reply so far.
  7. I goty rejection from USD (well it must have come Saturday). I knew my audition wasn't great. They probably sent it the same day they sent yours.
  8. Bummer. Sorry to hear that Button. I haven't gotten one yet, but I think I will soon. I felt very flat and a bit tight in my USD audition. Best of luck with everything, grad school or no.
  9. And so it begins... No from Case Western today. Expected but still.
  10. Well, I'm sure someone does. I have heard it's comm to apply several times though.
  11. Still nothing. Starting to look at monologues for next year. The nice thing is I always need new monologues to audition for local stuff, and at this point I'm developing quite a collection. We're not at the "abandon hope" phase yet, but I can't keep waiting for an email. I just have to assume that I'm not on the list and move on. If I'm wrong and something pops up, hey, great.
  12. Part of me wants to follow up with the schools I haven't heard back from and part of me feels like if you have to ask you already know...
  13. In my experience - I did get a formal rejection from every program I applied to. Most of mine came late March or early April last year (they're recorded in the results section from last year...). Pretty much what Button said though. This week and next week are probably it unless you get accepted off a waitlist. I have no experience getting an acceptance though so... Button - no, nothing from USD yet, though I don't feel great about my audition so I expect to get the letter again in about a month.
  14. Didn't apply there sorry. I've heard back from Temple (no) but omly because I specifically asked. Had a campus visit/audition at UGA last week. Have one scheduled for Catholic University of America later this month (anyone have any thoughts on their program??). Still nothing definite from anyone. If I don't hear back by the end of next week I think I officially start to despair. The waiting is driving me crazy.
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