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  1. EG326

    Tempe, AZ

    Hello everyone! I'm relocating to Tempe from San Diego and I'm hoping to move sometime between August 1st and the 15th since classes start on the 21st. Am I correct in feeling that if I wait until July to start looking for apartments, I might have a hard time finding something close to ASU? I'll be riding my bike so I'd like to be as close to campus as possible. Also, does anyone have recommendations on specific apartment complexes? I've started looking at some places online but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. Thank you!
  2. Well guys, got my final rejection email from UCLA today. I had a feeling that would be the case since I didn't hear from them after the URTA auditions. I'm okay with that though, I'm really happy with my decision to go to ASU and I think I'm going to have a very well-rounded experience there! And for those of you who didn't do the URTA auditions this year, I would highly recommend you participate next year! It really opened my eyes to a lot of excellent programs that are out there (with lots of funding!) that I may not have considered had it not been for URTA. As amazing as programs are like UCSD, Yale, etc, they are NOT the only schools that can offer you a great MFA training program. I have friends that went to USD and Yale and they may have had a slight advantage post-grad school, but in reality, the pedigree of the school you went to isn't what books you a job. And that's my two cents. Good luck guys. I think you're all amazing
  3. Hey Button, The USD letter was postmarked on the 21st and I live in So Cal....who knows....maybe they're still making phone calls? It's not over til it's over! Think positive thoughts! Also, I would encourage everyone on this thread to post their acceptance/rejection results on the Submit Results page. There were only a few posted from the past few years, and I found it very helpful to look at those results and at least get an idea of when I'd be hearing from schools. This thread has picked up a lot of steam, by the way! Thanks for starting it Awesomebird, it has definitely been a comfort to share information, as well as simply vent with one another!
  4. Thanks Awesomebird! No word from ucla. Their admissions office told me April 1st. And on the results page it looks like someone got a rejection on March 26th last year. So I'm guessing we will hear something this week. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  5. Hi all, For those waiting to hear from USD, I just got my rejection letter in the mail stating although they were unable to offer me a position this year, I was among their finalists. I had already accepted an offer from an URTA school because I thought USD was a long shot, but it's still nice to know I was being considered! Good luck to everyone still waiting for offers...I think this will be the week for everyone.
  6. Hey Curlygirl! Congrats on your acceptances! I got my BFA in Boston and saw a lot of shows at ART, most of which I LOVED. And the graduates do seem to work a lot. I also worked with some ART actors at Commonwealth Shakespeare in Boston and they all had amazing things to say about the program. Columbia also has a good program but it is SUPER expensive, and I'm not sure if they offer any financial aid. When I applied to MFAs a few years ago they didn't, not sure if things have changed. Anyway, congratulations again and good luck making a decision! Let us know where you end up going!
  7. EG326

    Tempe, AZ

    Thank you Double Shot! I am not interested in living with undergrads either so you're advice is much appreciated! I think in previous posts people had mentioned crime is a problem in Mesa. Do you feel pretty safe living in that area? Does the train run late and do you feel safe taking it at night? Thanks!
  8. EG326

    Tempe, AZ

    Hi all, I will be starting my graduate studies at ASU in August and I'll be moving to Tempe from San Diego. I'm pretty clueless as to where to start looking for apartments so any advice would be much appreciated. I noticed some of the previous posts are a little old so I am hoping to get some more recent information. I will be riding my bike to class so I would like to be as close to campus as possible. Classes begin August 21st, and I'd like to arrive in Tempe a couple of weeks before to allow myself time to settle in before school starts. Will I be able to find something if I start looking for apartments in early/mid July? THANK YOU!
  9. Hey Guys! I decided to go with Arizona State University! It was one of the URTA schools I was interested in. They have an amazing MFA Performance program focusing on devising new work, plus I'd have the opportunity to teach there. I used to have my own theatre company so I felt like it was a good fit for me. I still haven't heard from UCLA or USD but it was just a gut feeling that I had to go with, nothing having to do with the pressure of the March 10th deadline. AwesomeBird, UCLA did email me back and they said they hope to make all their decisions by April 1st. I know you're waiting on them so I thought you'd like to know! I wish the best of luck to you guys. Please keep us updated on any acceptances because I will be checking back to see where you guys end up going! And if you don't get the results you wanted, don't give up! This is my second time auditioning for grad schools. It is a crazy, emotionally taxing process to apply to graduate theatre schools, and it is an accomplishment just to apply and audition for all these programs. I'm rooting for you all!
  10. Thanks awesomebird! I actually did that today. Didn't contact USD though because I feel like that one is a shot in to the dark. Hopefully the other school will respond to my email before Monday.
  11. Oh and to answer your question last time I applied to UCSD NYU Columbia and UCLA. Got wait listed then accepted to Columbia. Too expensive though.
  12. Anyone hear anything yet? Awesome bird sorry for the late reply had a busy past few days. Honestly I can't remember when I got results the last time. I was 24 and now I'm 31. Ha! Waited a long time to apply again.
  13. Do you know how many people UCLA takes? I applied to their program and auditioned for them at the URTA's in San Francisco (Feb 8th I believe) , and got invited back to two rounds of "callbacks" that day. I can't say that I felt all that great about the second callback. I'm also realizing I should have applied to more programs, but the whole process of applying is so expensive. So I only applied to the programs I was really interested in. I don't want to say anything about the URTA school because they specifically told us not to talk about offers. But I'll definitely let you know if I decide to go there. Anyway, who knows what each school's process is. i have a feeling that a lot of them "build" their classes, giving offers to their top candidates and going down the list from there. So offers could be made through April. Torture. Absolute torture.
  14. Found this thread because I have been freaking out about results as well and have been searching the internet to see if anyone has posted anything about acceptances. This is my second time applying to grad school. Did not get a callback from UCSD, Yale or UCI and I am now waiting on UCLA and USD. I participated in the URTA auditions as well and got an acceptance from a school through their auditions. Have to give that school an answer by March 10th but I'm hoping to hear from UCLA or USD by then, although that may be expecting too much! Good luck to everyone, I know how you all feel! I think the anxiety in waiting for an answer is worse the second time going through this process!
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