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  1. Finally heard back (rejection) from Vanderbilt... still waiting (rather impatiently) from Wake Forest and Case Western. Although at this point, I feel like I should just start narrowing down what I have. Did anyone else hear of $100 + deposits required when they accepted their spot at a program? Drexel requires it, and that makes me feel kinda weird about the school as a whole... Still have to visit there and Purdue before I can make any decisions though.
  2. No, I just never heard anything at all, same with the other kids from my school.... my professor just thought that was weird seeing as we usually have a good track record with WFU, someone at least should have heard about an interview (unless we all sucked this time around, which is completely possible ) I'm glad someone's heard at least, good luck to your friend! Thanks for letting me know On another note, has anyone (gulp) called a school to see if they have any information? I want to make a choice on my schools but I'm waiting to hear back on three more...
  3. I'm really sorry, knightrunner Everyone says the grad school admissions process is a lot like roulette. It doesn't say anything about your ability as a researcher or a student whatsoever. It honestly just highlights the failings of the system. I really hope you win the NSF-GRFP.
  4. Did anyone hear back from Wake Forest ever? They've been awfully quiet from what I can tell...
  5. I've been accepted at Purdue, Drexel, and UConn... I absolutely cannot make up my mind between the three of them, though >.< I'm not even remotely familiar with Indiana but I'm from the East Coast so Hartford and Philly are slightly more up my alley in terms of how stuff works there.
  6. Also accepted to UConn for biomedical sciences!!
  7. Has anyone heard back from UConn UCHC for biomedical? I've been twiddling my thumbs since the beginning of February. =/
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