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  1. I feel tomorrow is the day for results to start rolling in, it won't be next week. This is based on last year date, blogs and hunch. Prayer time.
  2. Today's mail saying "We are in the final stages of reviewing decisions, making projections and getting everything into our system. Once information is in the system, we need to check, double-check and triple-check everything before notifying candidates. Thank you for your patience as we complete our work." shows that the results will be out this week. Prayer time guys and wishing luck to all applicants. Please keep updating as soon as you hear anything.
  3. Checking mails, related forums like this, thinking of pros and cons, checking BP and praying
  4. Last year the results started coming in on 15th March, I think this year also this is THE Week. Any guesses? Too much depends on it, I am mentally prepared to resign and study. If it goes wrong, it will be a life shattering event. Tooooo much stress
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