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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. I was offered $30K as well, and am so grateful for that. But with other indirect expenses (which they estimate to be ~$25,000), it's ~$80,000 for two years..... do you think $25,000 is a fair estimate of living expenses, etc.?
  2. Hi, I was just wondering how generous MSPP is with funding. I'm assuming they can be more generous this year because of the $100million gift (I thought they received it last year, correct me if I'm wrong)... just wondering what are levels of funding offered to students.
  3. Hi, So.. I applied for the MPH in sociomedical studies at Columbia but just got an email from the school saying that the ad com thinks I'm a stronger fit for the MPH in epidemiology (they want to find out whether I'd like to be considered for the MPH in epi instead). I'm confused though... I have a background in psychology and indicated in my essay that I want to study the application of psychology/behavioral science in public health (how to improve people's health). This sounds just like what people study at SMS department... The MPH degree in Sociomedical Sciences (SMS) is designed to train healthcare professionals in the application of theories and methods of social and behavioral sciences to address public health issues. Students are provided with the knowledge to understand the importance of social and behavioral sciences for the health of individuals and communities and the skills to apply this knowledge in the analysis and formulation of public health programs and policies. Since an admission officer emailed me (not someone from ad com), not feeling like I can inquire why they think i'm a better fit for epi.... any insights here anyone as to why they might think i'm a better fit for epi? if there's anyone here attending mailman would love to hear your thoughts. many thanks and good luck to yall!
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