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  1. I wonder how long it will take to hear back from USC. This is what I get for submitting my application February 14th
  2. I still haven't heard anything, this means I'll be receiving the kiss of death email tonight!
  3. Omar760: UCLA wait listed you?
  4. JessMSW: yes mine still says no decision has been made! Thank you and I honestly wish you the best of luck! This is not a good time for any of us.
  5. JessMSW: I am truly sorry to hear this.
  6. You are welcome. And good luck to everyone! (:
  7. JessMSW: she said they were reviewing on a "rolling basis" so there was no order for those who have been already accepted or denied. Basically everyone who has not been accepted or denied will find out today or tomorrow!
  8. esimanon: she didn't say I am wondering the same thing, I was so glad to hear we would find out today or tomorrow that I didn't ask how we would be notified!
  9. Jaypea09: I just wish I would have asked how we would be notified. I feel even if we are accepted it might be by email, how will we receive a letter today or tomorrow if they are not done with decisions? Did she tell you how we would be notified?
  10. Okay everyone I just called Whitney as well, she said we should hear back from UCLA TODAY or TOMORROW!!!! Oh my gosh I am beyond nervous now, as if I was not already. Just like "JessMSW" stated, Whitney said they were reviewing applications on a "rolling basis." So then I asked what a "rolling basis" meant and she said that just means reviewing applications at random. So the rest of the applicants should hear from UCLA today or tomorrow and if not she suggested to give her a call.
  11. I did notice that someone was advised to check the website! I am positive by this week we will get some answers. But this wait is killing!
  12. Omar760: do you mind me asking how much it was?
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