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  1. Thanks, and good luck to you, too! And congrats on the programs you got into already.
  2. Hi, is anybody pursuing computational sociology? If so, what background do you have? I minored in math undergrad (at an Ivy), and have taken sociology classes, but am otherwise self-taught as far as my computer skills. For example, I took online classes in Python -- any recs for other languages? Or other things I should be pursuing or learning? I applied to PhD programs in 2 research areas (computational sociology and an unrelated topic in a related social science). I only got into 2 of these programs, in the unrelated area, but I am MUCH more interested in computational sociology. I'm strug
  3. Hi, I haven't heard a peep from Cornell yet (Sociology PhD for Fall 2014). I see that there were already some acceptances and rejections on the results board, and it's the tail end of March, so I don't understand what's happening. I called an administrator who told me that they were making decisions next week, but that's also what she told me 3 weeks ago. I didn't want to annoy her, so I just politely thanked her rather than pushing it. Has anyone been told they're on a wait list? Were you interviewed? I haven't gotten an interview, but I see in previous years that accepted and wait listed s
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