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  1. Still no news....omg I was #1 on the wait list. What happen? Is it possible if the accepted one delay his/her decision after April. 15?
  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!! I contacted to UCI and heard that one person has not received/rejected the offer yet. OMG I have to wait one more day but I almost give up...
  3. Makes sense. I just emailed to staff asking my status. I hope it is not finalized yet!
  4. I am still waiting for UCI. A day to go!
  5. Sorry! I was just wondering what +1 and -1 are and clickd -1. Is there any way to cancel it?
  6. Are you guys still waiting for the offer? I am #1 on the waitlist at UCI. I hope someone gets better offer and declines his/her offer soon!
  7. I am checking my email at least 50 times a day. What should I do? I contacted to the school but what they said is just "wait" until April 15. Is anybody on the wait list for business Ph.D. program? How's your today? Is anybody who escape from the wait list? Please share your story.
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