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  1. Thank you for your reply, high_hopes. Actually, I already did and they said they will email me at the end of this week to tell my rank. But they also said that they cannnot provide total number of offers so that I cannot estimate possibility of my success. By the way, did you get the offer?
  2. Has anybody got notification of decision from NSERC PDF? I got "short-list of alternates". They didn't tell me my rank. Do you know how possible can I get accepted?
  3. Got my letter. Accepted. Waterloo, ON. CGS-D3
  4. Hello guys, I just confirmed that my "Alternate" status has changed to "Offered" status in the portal and got official notification e-mail from school's graduate studies office. My application is for University of Waterloo, NSERC only. I hope this information is helpful to you guys. Also, thank you for everyone who posted valuable information so far on this forum site! Just one question. I have offer of NSERC CGS Master and OGS at the same time. Which scholarship should I choose? I heard that NSERC is little bit better, right?
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