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  1. Thanks. No I didn't. I've heard that it's like a two-edge sword! They may reject or accept me just because of this letter. However, I'm not sure about that.
  2. Hi, I've got an admission offer from WSU EECS. I just want to know about cost of living there. How much I need to have monthly for having a simple life with my wife? Please help me by telling the prices of goods and services. (e.g. Housing, Utilities, Foods, Clothing, etc.) Best,
  3. Hi, Thank you for trying to solve my issue. I'm in contact with a professor personally and he gave me this opportunity. Should I ask the extension from him or from admission office? How should I ask my inquiry to not make him angry or not affect on his attitude about me?
  4. Hi, I've got an admission offer with financial support from one of my 9 applications. They've sent me an official admission letter and have asked me to respond in two weeks. However, I'm not happy now. I have at least two other applications which I want to know their decisions before making any wrong decisions on my future studies. Their decision may be determined on the early March. On the other hand, this offer is important for me too and I don't want to lose it. I'm directly in contact with a professor there via email and he's given me the chance. How should I ask for an extension of t
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