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  1. Thank you! Yeah, I think I am almost as excited about having everything decided as I am about actually going to Stanford. I thought I would still be debating in April, so I'm super happy things worked out as they did. And yes, coming from eternally rainy Germany makes California seem like a paradise.
  2. Hi everyone! Just a quick update from me--I'M GOING TO STANFORD!! It all seems incredibly surreal. I flew out from Germany to visit both it and Berkeley, and realized during the trip that Stanford was exactly what I was looking for. So YAY! I'm so happy to have the decision-making process over with, especially as I was expecting it to drag out much longer. Has anybody else made a decision? Also, I just sent out my JHU rejection letter this morning (I got the offer about three weeks ago), so hopefully one of you is on the wait list and will be offered my place soon! Good luck e
  3. Hey! I thought I signed up to get notifications of responses, but apparently not. Fail. It's super late, but thanks for your response! How is the application process going thus far? U Chicago was on my list for a long time, but I eventually decided against them because the program looked too theoretical for my interests. Good luck!!! And yes, I was on a DAAD grant last year (still am), and was in both Köln and Jena! I'm sure we ran into each other at some point....it's a small world! I wish you all the best with finishing up your applications!
  4. Hello everyone! I will applying to PhD programs in German literature in the US this coming fall--is anyone else doing the same? I'm currently getting my Masters degree in Germany as a DAAD-Stipendiatin in Komparatistik (comp lit) and am looking forward to the specialization of the PhD and my return to the American educational system. For others who are applying or who are already studying--what programs are you looking at or where are you now? If anyone has suggestions for programs with a strong emphasis on 20th AND 21st century literature, I would love to hear them...
  5. A question for all of you grad students out there. As an undergrad, I read a ton of articles, and always printed them out, highlighted, took notes in the margins, etc. Having the actual paper in front of me made it easier to absorb the information, but was hard to keep organized and led to stacks and stacks of articles in my room by the end of the semester..... Now, I'd like to switch things over to the digital world, for the sake of saving space and making things easier to organize. So, my question: is there any sort of program/software/whatever that would allow me to read, underline, highli
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