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  1. Hello All! I am fortunate enough to be sitting with several offers, but there are two that are particularly attractive and I could use some help deciding... School #1 was my first choice. I received my acceptance notice, but instead of being accepted into the PhD program like I applied for I was accepted into the MA program. When I discussed this with my POC I was told that it was the school's policy to automatically enroll accepted applicants into the MA program who did not already possess an MA. This school has offered me a tuition waiver and TAship. This program is an excellent perfect fit for my work and research interests. Also, beautiful location. School # 2 also is a good fit, but not as perfect as the first school. They have been actively recruiting me, have offered a very generous funding package + extra fellowship. This acceptance is for the PhD program. This school is also very conveniently located near the archives that I will be using a lot. This school is not located in as great a location as the first, but is still a marked improvement over where I am currently living. My funding in this scenario would allow me to live quite well. So, what would you choose? Thank you for your advice!
  2. I would also like to add my 2 cents: I cannot emphasize enough how important fit is when considering what PhD programs to apply to. Read the literature in your field that you admire and prepare to apply to the schools those faculty teach at. Do not allow the flashy names to distract you from finding proper fit. This may lead you to apply to schools you never thought you would apply to, but if you are serious about your work you will need to go where the stars in your subfield are. This has helped me immensely during this extremely competitive application round.
  3. I heard from the dept. that funding decisions will be made before the end of March.
  4. I am working from home today so I am super vigilant for the postman.
  5. Yeesh... waiting for funding info until the 15th is cutting it really close.
  6. Victorianna

    GW History

    I just wanted to add that GWU has a nice work program that allows university employees to take advantage of free tuition. (x number of credits for part or full time) It is definitely worth looking into, especially for the MA. Congratulations!
  7. I am sure that they will be getting back to you soon. It is my understanding that MA candidates hear from the dept. later. And from the results page it looks as if we still have a couple weeks. If you do decide to contact them I would recommend contacting a dept. secretary. I suppose that you wouldn't necessarily have to identify yourself.
  8. I don't think that calling could hurt. I have called and they have been pleasant to me. Good luck! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you
  9. Are you applying for history/public hist, MA or PhD? There may still be hope.
  10. Having the Best day!

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