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  1. @RefurbedScientist: I've been spending the last few days reading up on the big names. Useful info all around. And yes, I'm familiar with Gary Becker and I love his work. When I study economics I'm interested in urban econ, prostitution, sprawl, wage gaps, and transportation. So far I see econ soc as being very theoretical and general. Embeddedness, for instance, seems like it's just a critique of neoclassical economics. What kind of empirical studies are done in econ soc?
  2. Thank you, everyone, for your answers. I have some followup questions: @gilbertrollins: I am partial to this type of econ soc since I would sort of describe myself as driven from econ to soc due to a few issues I have with how econ is done (e.g., often assuming away institutions, elegant theorems, little focus on the history of econ thought and econ history). What sort of research should I do now or what sort of things should I be saying in my SOP to prove my worth? ***** @RefurbedScientist: Any advice for how I can find this general sociological question? I'm quite new to
  3. Hello everyone. I am currently completing an MA in Economics. I know that I want to pursue a PhD, and now I am thinking about going for a PhD in Sociology. My question is: is it possible for me to get into a PhD in Sociology program with a background in solely Economics? I took only Intro to Sociology when I was an undergrad but I've always had a great interest in economic, urban, and mathematical sociology. I have extensive training in statistics, probability theory, and computational methods. Is a background in Economics and Statistics as well as an interest in Sociology enough to g
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