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  1. there's always going to be *someone* who says something rude and that causes you to worry about your writing. a professor of mine last semester told me that my writing "worried her"-- i had over a 3.9 gpa and got into 5 grad schools. it just sucks that the person who said that to you was your advisor- not a comfortable situation. however, i think your advisor can be proven wrong just as i proved my professor wrong. good luck!
  2. hey EK, where are you headed in the end? stony brook?

  3. lehigh, where i am going. also pretty sure uconn does. udel too.
  4. finally got rejected from penn state. at last!

  5. oh and if you don't hold an MA, fordham won't accept you directly into their PhD.
  6. did you ever look into fordham's medieval studies? i have a prof who did her MA in english there and then switched to medieval studies for the phd. she was on a fellowship @ the honors college @ my school teaching a literature based course. if i remember correctly, her dissertation was on anglo-norman friendship.
  7. hi guys, i know a lot of you are waiting on penn state as well. even though i have accepted an offer-- i am very curious! who wouldn't be? plus, we all did pay the application fee! my dad already demanded he'd like his money back. nevertheless... i spoke to the assistant DGS today, a very sweet british lady, instead of the obligatory "grad secretary." she spoke to me for almost ten minutes. she explained the 700 applicant situation we're all aware of. she also said they sent out a bunch of rejects but are holding onto a group for final consideration in case some of their first round admi
  8. I feel like a broken record but I'm trying to help everyone! Alan Singer told me all the funding decisions were already sent out-- I know I didn't receive one. I actually am one of the lucky ones who received a hard copy letter though!
  9. hadunc, that's kind of crappy but amazing at the same time. i got my mail letter 3 weeks ago and inquired about funding the next day-- they already knew i had none. then the email on thursday said 2 weeks for funding and i double-checked and the DGS said there was none for me to confirm and that all funding decisions had gone out. they're a bit scattered, to say the least.
  10. hey pamphilia-- where to for you?

  11. is the penn state online status check good for anything? does it ever change for anyone?
  12. i got into fordham & NYU fpr MA's also with $0. are you on waiting lists for funding @ fordham & BC? i know NYU doesn't fund at all! i'm going to lehigh fully funded yayay. i got some funding @ brandeis (not much) and none anywhere else. still waiting on northeastern & PSU but i've selected lehigh because PSU isn't looking good and NU only gives tuition ...

  13. Hey! Yeah, good news for me! Got into Fordham, BC, and NYU for MAs. No funding info yet though. But the waiting lists aren't looking good for that, so I need to figure out how to pay for this. lol. How bout you?!

  14. hey chrissy-- any updates?

  15. Lehigh! can't wait any longer for Penn State or Northeastern to make their decision on the MA app.
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