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  1. I've been working at a local Titanic Exhibition. Yeah, it really is THAT random.
  2. Hmm, okay. I did enroll for classes already though--- about 3 weeks ago, actually. I'll probably contact my loan providers soon and figure out when the deferral date is.
  3. Does anyone here know when our student loans will start being deferred because we'll be enrolled in school? I'm TECHNICALLY already enrolled after all!
  4. GAHH!!! You haven't watched it yet? LOST is also my reason for living. It's kind of sick.
  5. Yeah. yeah, I know. But it's a different kind of kissing ass: to respected professors, and not to irate customers who hate my exhibition and think I should die.
  6. ---I will NOT miss a long 40+ hour work week on my feet. While I know grad school will be a TON of work, it is the kind of work I enjoy--- a steady, comforting work, not a job that requires me to kiss peoples' asses on a regular basis. ---I will not miss the area I live in. I grew up here, and I'm really ready to leave and grow up a little bit. ---I will not miss having to answer the question: "So, what are you going to do with an English major? Teach?" Yes, I am, but at the college level and I will be a superstar professor, thank you very much! I will miss my family, a little bit. And f
  7. Actually, I kind of thought the poster was representing "white people" as in the "Stuff White People Like" blog. It's not a racial thing at all, more of a cultural thing (you don't have to be white to be a "white person"!)
  8. I was wondering if anyone in this thread had tips for finding a realtor? I'm moving from Connecticut to Wisconsin and very, very clueless!
  9. Ooh, great topic! -I will be working for the next two months at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition (random, right?)--- which is really the perfect job for me! It's a temporary exhibition, so it ends on June 13th, so I won't have any messy two weeks notices to give or anything. I was also just promoted to a full time management position, so I should also be able to collect unemployment for a month or so before school starts. -I fully plan on being lazy. Read some crappy books, relax my mind... -And then I'm going to Disney World for a week! -...Followed by a trek from Connecticut to Milwau
  10. So, my wonderfully supportive boyfriend is making the move from Connecticut to Milwaukee, Wisconsin so I can go to grad school. We graduated a year ago, and neither of us have been able to find spectacular jobs, so we're not leaving anything worthwhile behind. I am starting to wonder though: how soon should he start looking for a job? (His undergrad degree is in graphic design, so we're hoping he can find something in his field.) Any advice on how to do this? We're planning on starting a lease either July 15th or August 1st.
  11. I think UFL made all of their acceptance decisions already--- I emailed a couple weeks ago, and the secretary told me I had been rejected and the official letter would be coming "soon." Still haven't gotten it, but oh well!
  12. Ah yes. Good ol' Sharon is the one who called me Bridgette.
  13. hadunc, how did you find out--- email, letter, telepathy? I've already accepted another offer too (a MA, but it's fully funded!), but now I'm just curious.
  14. All right, so I haven't heard anything from Temple University yet. I don't think I've been accepted, and I'm actually fine with that. BUT, they've been pretty douchey to me over the application process. A few months ago, I got an email from them saying that one of my LoR writers hadn't submitted her letter yet. Perfectly normal, right? Well, they made two mistakes in this email. Firstly, they addressed me as "Bridgette" (as you might be able to guess from my clever username my name, indeed, is not Bridgette), and secondly, my professor HAD sent in her LoR. She had submitted it electronicall
  15. got full funding!

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