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  1. What is the difference between a hominin and a hominoid? A: A hominin is a human ancestor and a hominoid is an ape-robot.
  2. Yep - pretty much! I mean "considerably cheaper" can mean some pretty awful places but mine is just under $600 for a nice 1 br in franklin park which is on the busline. Is your studio one of the remodeled houses? That's what I love about Lafayette - how many of the beautiful old houses have been converted to apartments.
  3. Hi! I'm currently a purdue graduate student and proximity to campus can mean a lot of different things. I live in Franklin Park Apartments (which I recommend - they're flexible with lease start and end dates, and give graduate student discounts) and it's right on the bus line so it takes me about 15-20 minutes to get to campus and I don't have a car.
  4. I just want to say that as a current grad student and gradcafe lurker I'm happy to see you guys start to get your admits Congratulations everyone who has, and good luck for everyone who hasn't YET!
  5. I have seven tattoos, two of which are quite visible (wrist) and two of which could easily be visible (upper arm and my entire calf). I'm in an anthro department and my tattoos have not been a problem. All but one of my advisor's students have tattoos and they're all quite respected within the department and outside of the department. The arch students are also fairly tattooed and they also do quite well for themselves. I don't cover any of mine intentionally, though I would likely do so for conferences. It helps that someone in my field who is quite the professional has full sleeves done.
  6. I always quite like myedu. I used it to help pick which section of a course to take as an undergraduate.
  7. Hi BionicKris, I read this when you posted without looking at the poster and just now realized it's you! I think you should incorporate more stress-relieving activities...such as going out with friends, even if it's just to a coffee shop so they can study while you write.
  8. I came up for an unofficial visit but my host is now one of my closest friends. However, this is because I chose to attend here and she's one of my advisor's other students.
  9. Read everything you can that seems relevant; studies done in the general area you want to do studies, similar subjects...find out what's been done and what hasn't, and what interesting questions come out of that.
  10. Yeah, I applied to study new world monkeys and instead I'm working with lemurs. My interests actually changed over the summer, after I knew where I was going, and I freaked out a little bit since I wasn't even here yet but things are fine.
  11. I'm going to get one as soon as I have some money. I still have a 1st gen Kindle, that cost over $300. It sort of makes me want to cry, knowing how cheap they are now!
  12. I won't miss being so broke that I literally cannot pay bills OR buy food.
  13. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Missouri State University...alumna as of Sunday!
  14. Update: Moving to W. Lafayette July 15th. Starting my MS in the fall. Got a teaching assistantship (stipend, tuition waiver, insurance) so life has been very good to me!
  15. got the TAship. :)

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