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  1. Guest appearance for this topic [i used to be Lib(eration) Theologian until I was harassed with down-votes, and I had about a positive 100 score at one point]. I wouldn't worry about it - here's the down low. Apply to the Mdiv for the reasons mentioned above [better funding, longer time at the university], and know that the admit rate for Mdiv applicants hovers close to 40-50%. Not exactly a stretch. I'm a current Mdiv student here, by the way. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I like to help, but I don't like being harassed.
  2. A reminder to YDS applicants. Those who earn the Marquand scholarship WILL get phone calls for admission a few days ahead of everyone. However, that does not mean that if you don't receive a phone call, you've been denied. On the contrary, many who do not receive a phone call receive tuition remission. The phone calls are only for 5k stipends. Also, Leadership Candler acceptance carries with it a full tuition remission, however in attending the 1 or 2 day wine and dine session, they make decisions on stipends. Best of luck to all!
  3. Usually priority deadlines for Masters programs receive a break on submission fees, and, if you're a shoe-in, an update a little earlier than other places. Don't expect anything absurdly early though. Although, as a clarification, I have no experience with DDS.
  4. If there are any of you old timers or people who are applying to PhDs or ThDs currently, I'm curious what your advice would be to someone currently going through a MDiv program about preparation for a doctorate. My research centers on conscientious objection, non-violence, and pacifism and their relation to religion in the 20th century. I'm also interested in sacrament and resistance during Vietnam War protests. With that being said: What GPA do I need to be in the running? 3.8+ seems pretty doable, but a 4.0 is probably not going to happen. There will be some A- or B+'s that creep into
  5. No, but I'm living in the Chronkite center it looks like - a hell hole, but an affordable one nonetheless. Shared bathrooms on a floor; it'll be like I'm living in the dorms once again.
  6. Got my notice on the 1st, accepted, no funding. MDiv. I don't know whether or not they don't like my critique of or they just don't have funding, but either way, no big deal. Niebuhr
  7. You laugh, but that makes us "diverse," whatever the hell that means these days.
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