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  1. I just got accepted to the Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, CA)'s certificate of Women's Studies in Religion!! Super excited about living in the Bay! :-)
  2. I've heard from folks in the program that it's about 500 words typically...
  3. Hi all... I imagine that I'm not the only one applying to doctoral programs this year. I figured that this forum might be a decent place to share our experience, strength, hopes, and let-downs this year. Best of luck to you all...
  4. Hi all, I am seeking advise as to whether I should retake the GRE or not. I took the exam this morning receiving a score of 650 A and 540 Q, which is an acceptable score but not outstanding. I'm frustrated because I lost focus and had to go to the bathroom very badly (my fault for drinking too much water during the break!) during the quantitative section. On practice exams, I had been scoring anywhere from 680-800 on the quant section and around a 700 in verbal. Am I insane to take the exam again? Also, for the sake of context, you should know that my field is in the humanities. I alre
  5. Hi all, Before the GRE general test changes later this year, I will be retaking it (my scores from 2006 unfortunately expired!). I'm currently looking into review books, test preparation, etc. Do any of you have personal experience with purchasing a review book? If so, which ones? What were the strengths and weaknesses of them? Also, I plan to purchase the book in the near future, so I would appreciate timely responses. Thanks.
  6. I am the one who attend YDS on the 2nd, and what Phenomenologist says is correct. Melissa made it appear that we all should be hearing the news tomorrow. Though, I would to clarify one thing: YDS is already on spring break and some of the faculty are traveling next week. May the ground of our being keep us rooted in reality tomorrow, whatever news might be coming our way!
  7. I visited YDS on Wednesday, March 2, and Melissa made it sound like the online admissions decisions will be released late this coming Friday, the 11th. Principally, due to the fact that some of the faculty on the admissions committee will be on vacation the next week. At this point in the game, they just seem to be determining what level of financial aid they can offer the admitted students...
  8. I am curious to know...what is your subfield?
  9. I have yet to hear from Harvard or Yale yet as I'm applying to the master's program. Which programs are you applying to? A colleague of mine heard from Harvard already (rejected from the NT PhD; and waitlisted on the NT ThD). I neither know about Yale's doctoral notifications through the GDR nor Indiana's.
  10. If you apply online, Drew is free as well.
  11. I would say check out Boston University's STM program. BU could also be a good "fit" for doctoral work either ThD or PhD with the Center for Global Christianity and Mission. I just finished my MDiv there and know some folks doing doctoral work in missiology. Let me know if you care to be in conversation with them. Grace and peace
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