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  1. I also haven't really heard back from a lot of programs, but I'm thinking of it as being somewhat good news? Because silence isn't a "no"; you're still in the running, so to speak. I was rejected from some very competitive summer programs last year and the one where I had the highest chances took the longest to turn me down.
  2. I got hit hard by some warm and fuzzy feelings, so... To all my fellow applicants, and especially to the future members of my graduate cohort: December has arrived and with it comes the deadline for many of the programs we hope to attend next fall. Congratulations on all of your hard work not only throughout the application process, but in all of your preparations to make yourself a good candidate! It's been nerve-wracking, but we're stressed because we care about the field and our future in it–I think your passion will be reflected in your statements and in the academic life
  3. I'm not having an issue with the link, but here it is on Dropbox: biostatistics-dataGT.csv
  4. Thank you very much for your input! It was very helpful for finalizing my list of schools. Other Updates Letters of Recommendation: All three confirmed, 1/3 submitted to all programs Updated GRE scores: 167Q, 164V, 4.0W
  5. This may be helpful to you: GRE General Test Interpretive Data Guide from ETS The scores are correlated, and the correlations are published: "The correlation between Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning scores is.35, the correlation between Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing scores is.68, and the correlation between Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing scores is.16."
  6. Thank you for your recommendations. My biostatistics professors have agreed to write letters for me and I went ahead and asked my Probability professor. Do you have any advice regarding what "tier" of program should I be aiming for?
  7. I know I want to apply to Emory and my home institution. Otherwise I'm not quite sure what would be good safeties/reaches for me. I know I want to apply to JH and UNC as reach schools.
  8. Here are the functions: GCDataFunctions.R And examples: GCDataExamples.R There's a few other packages you'll need to install. However, you will need to download and install the brewdata package a little differently. It's archived so install.packages("brewdata") won't work anymore.
  9. I'm going to have to clean up the code a bit and will post it later, but until then I ran it on "statistics" . Here's that data: statistics-dataGT.csv The file's on Dropbox because it's over the file limit. I mostly modified the code to work specifically for biostatistics, so these results are not as clean.
  10. Undergrad/grad Institution: large public university Major: Biology-Cellular/Physiology Track (BS), Mathematics (BA) Minors: Global Public Health GPA: 3.82 (Biology: 3.58, Math 3.93) Type of Student: Domestic Relevant Courses: Transfer from HS (Dual Credit): Computer Science, Advanced Computational Problem Solving, Calculus I, Calculus II, Bioinformatics, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Genetics Undergrad Biostatistics (A), Adv Biostatistics* (A), Adv Biostatistics II* (A), Intro to Biostatistics - SIBS* (A), C
  11. I revived and modified some code from the archived R package brewdata to get that info in a more usable format. I thought maybe others would find it useful, so here's all the admissions data for submissions that had at least GPA or GRE quant scores. biostatistics-dataGT.csv
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