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  1. Hi- First off, I'm sorry to hear about the family situation. I can't imagine what it was like to go through (and still is like) but good for you for picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and doing what you needed to do to follow your dreams! In regards to your application, I can speak a little bit to Stats Ph.D. programs in the SE. My guess is Florida State you have a shot of being admitted to. Given their norm is to accept and not fund, that might be your case. Univ of South Carolina is a great department with awesome faculty and a great great atmosphere. I think you have a shot of getting admitted and it really is an awesome place. I think NCSU and UNC, unfortunately, aren't very realistic. Are they worth applying to? That's entirely up to you. I think UF is also slightly out of reach, but again that's up to you. I think I have exhausted the bulk of the schools in the SE that are usually on the first radar. I think U of SC is a solid spot and is worth some consideration. Feel free to PM me and we can chat more if you prefer to discuss privately.
  2. If you want to apply straight to a Ph.D. program, I think it would be okay as long as you apply to mid level schools. I would take a look at: Florida State (chance of being unfunded), Virginia Tech, UVA and South Carolina. U of SC is a really great and friendly department
  3. I agree completely with the comments above. Answering one of your earlier concerns, I think that UMich Biostats would be a place you have a good shot at.
  4. In general, they mainly care about your math / stat and related coursework. That being said, they might be curious about mathematical finance as that is typically a class that math majors don't struggle with (speaking from experience, having been a math and finance double major). I would say that if it is explainable, it might be worth addressing briefly. If the reason is that you didn't really try, were learning the ropes of college, etc. then I don't think it's worthwile. However, if providing an explanation will give them insight into your personal challenges and ability to overcome hardship (and you can spin it well), then perhaps use a sentence or two to do so. Hope this could be of some help!
  5. Just a disclaimer: I have far less experience giving advice than some of the other frequent users do but hopefully I can be of some help here. Your academic record and grades are quite impressive. The statistics coursework you have taken so far is great- but even more helpful (to me), is your success in your mathematics coursework as well. Demonstrating you have a strong mathematical background is very important and will be a great help during your application process, for sure! The schools you are looking at are quite competitive, and I think you do have a chance to crack a couple of them. However, I would love to see some schools in the 20-30 range on your list as well, such as Texas A&M, UCLA, and Emory. Like I said, I think you definitely have a shot at a school like Umich or PSU, and maybe even at Columbia or JHU. Again, please don't take my word as law here, and hopefully others can add some insight, but I hope this helps!
  6. I agree completely with Bayes! Solid advice as always.
  7. As always, I agree with @Stat PhD Now Postdoc. I would be most concerned about your mathematical ability and lack of rigorous math classes. An introductory proofs class, at the very least, would make you more competitive. I can't speak directly to Biostats (as I was a stats applicant), but analysis I (and maybe II) would definitely be important, in my mind. I think taking some classes (over the summer and during the year) to bolster your mathematical background would be your best shot, then consider applying in the next cycle. For a masters, I think that your profile is pretty competitive. Whatever you choose to do, you will certainly be successful.
  8. I echo everyone's sentiments wholeheartedly. Research doesn't matter- don't worry about that. I truly am an outlier as I had very very good research and decent grades. If you have the requisite course work and did well in it, you're set. The research will set you apart if you make it a focal point, but if you want to, you need to show that you actually know stuff about your research. If your advisor really took point, maybe don't make a big deal of it apart from the research process. Hopefully this adds something to the convo from the research aspect.
  9. I agree, as always with Postdoc. I'd be much more concerned about the lack of rigor in your background than anything else. Summer programs are great options as well. That being said, the A's are helpful and your background isn't that bad, to be honest. I would say some of the lower ranked programs you can definitely get into, and for sure some M.S. programs, at a minimum. If you want to chat more in private about your background, classes, institution or the process, feel free to shoot me a message. As I'll be starting in the fall (and have already committed) I am on here less but still check a couple days a week, at a minimum. B
  10. I agree with @Geococcyx. I, however, have a completely different profile than you do. Due to some medical issues, my grades are much lower in my math courses (and overall). However, since then, I was able to show the adcom's that I could easily keep a 3.8+ when I was back to normal and healthy. Also, I had incredibly strong research experience. I made up for my coursework with research, and there are plenty of profiles which go the other way. There is no real expectation (at least not yet, but I suspect there will be one soon) of undergraduate research in statistics. Because of that, you don't need to be concerned about a lack of research. As long as you have demonstrated you are capable of doing well in theoretical and proof based classes- which it seems you have- and you can write some solid statements + get good recommendations, you should be a good candidate for some top 25 schools. Maybe even some of the top 15 if you did well in analysis and survival analysis. Oh, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me. B
  11. Undergrad Institution: Small Liberal Arts College, top 60 in US, top 10 in region Major(s): Double: Mathematics and Finance ; BS, BA Minor(s): Double: Computer Science & Analytics GPA: 3.5 Type of Student: Domestic, Male GRE General Test: Q: 159 V: 152 W: 5.5 GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: 64%ile (Not submitted) TOEFL Score: N/A Programs Applying: Ph.D. in Statistics, M.S. in Statistics Letters of Recommendation: Four strong letters from professors. All of whom I did research with for over 2 years (one ran the REU, one is the dept chair and the others are my advisors) Math/Statistics Grades: Math Stat I, II: B, B; Linear Algebra: C+, Calc I-III: A-, A-, B-; Real Analysis: B; Abstract Algebra: A; Computer Science I, II: A+, A+ ; Bayesian Statistics: A ; Applied Mathematics: A; Combinatorics: B+ ** Important Notes: Very strong Letters of rec from professors who I know incredibly well. I have submitted 2 statistics projects for publication and both are pending. I have presented my research at over 8 conferences (2 JMM's, many MAA's, etc.) and given 7 poster presentations. Applying to Where: Statistics Masters School - John Hopkins / Rejected School - Columbia / Admitted School - NYU / Admitted School - Georgetown / Admitted Statistics Ph.D: Withdrawn: UMD, UNC (STOR), Temple Accepted: South Carolina (ATTENDING!), Florida State, Virginia Waitlisted: Michigan, Virginia (then admitted) Rejected: NCSU, George Mason, UConn, PSU, OSU, GW, Virginia Tech
  12. I turned down all M.S. admissions offers earlier in the week. Good luck to those still waiting!
  13. BL250604

    Columbia, SC

    Hi all! Hoping to start my Ph.D. next year at U of SC. I would like to walk into campus everyday (LeConte College, kind of near the Russell House). Does anyone have any recommendations on good spots to live within walking distance, or where to look for apartments? Thanks@ B
  14. Sorry for not posting. Got into Columbia, Hopkins and NYU. Will decline all of these offers on April 15 when I accept a Ph.D. offer. Good luck to all.
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