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  1. Thank you to everyone who responded to my post, y'all have been helpful! I also believe that this is the best for my happiness in the field, interests and future desired career path. I am definitely applying to all biostats and biomedical informatics programs now! It now sounds a little naive but I thought that my lacking real analysis as said would not be a major detraction on my application for the statistics PhD (thanks @StatsG0d). My school list is now more realistic with plenty of schools in the 30s-50s (like UCLA, UIUC and UPenn) and a couple reaches in the 10s-20s (like Stanfor
  2. Ahhh I didn't mention, I am applying to biostats programs. Does this increase my chances here? Could I apply to top 30s if I do biostats?
  3. These are my grades in those classes! I had some feeling that I should target 20s-30s range, am I completely off base here? Math: Linear Algebra (B+), Multivariable Calculus (B+), Ordinary Differential Equations (B+), Discreet Math (A+) Stats: Probability theory (A-), Regression Models (B), ANOVA (A), Time Series Analysis (B), Statistical Machine Learning (A), Bayesian Data Analysis (A), Statistical Experiment Design (A)
  4. My goal was to apply to Stats and CS departments and emphasize my strong desire to collaborate interdisciplinary on applying statistics/ML to problems in the physical and life sciences. I really loved that kind of work over the years of undergrad research and even now as I work post-grad on research on biomedical imagery. I graduated in 2020 and right now am in a gap year doing research with my old school. Student Type: Domestic Asian Male Undergrad: Top 30 University (USNews National Rankings) Major: Physical Chemistry and Statistical/Data Science double major GPA: 3.55/4.
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