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  1. The MacBook pro's I have looked at are all i5 with 8 GB of RAM. Any suggestions for a laptop with an i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM in the same price range?
  2. My university primarily sells Apple and Dell laptops, so I’ll look into them. I’ve meaning to get my hands off my current Windows Laptop. Programming etc on it is nuts. Thoughts on the Windows Surface Pro? I’ve read good things about it. Also I’ll be making a jump from Windows to Apple if I get a MacBook Pro around the $800. I’m not the most IT savvy. Will the change be manageable?
  3. Hi, I'll be starting an Applied Math PhD program soon which will involve coursework in statistics. I'm looking to buy a good laptop that will last be in the long term, ideally through my program. I reckon with time I'll have to use it for programming in Python, Julia etc. and scientific computation in general. Suggestions?
  4. Same here. I was also told the same thing by UNC Stats. Already accepted an offer.
  5. Sounds good. There are many other opportunities to work there in such areas as computational neuroscience etc. which would allow me to do more applied, hands on stuff that builds a lot on machine learning etc. methods. I was just trying to figure out whether the department provides enough opportunities to learn modern statistics (high dimensional statistics etc.) but I think I can make it work if I take a combination of courses from applied math and CS departments. You're right; most of the faculty is on the older side which is a cause for concern (which is why passing UC Davis Applied Math is
  6. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has an opinion about the reputation/standing of the Statistics sub-department housed in the Applied Math program at University of Maryland, College Park. The sub-department is definitely as large as conventional departments, but does anyone if there are enough opportunities there to get a good training in stats which would help for jobs etc.
  7. Try emailing Dr. Nilay. She told me I'm on the waitlist/not rejected as of yet, but my chances are slim (probably on the lower end of the waitlist). Gutted a bit.
  8. From past experience, does anyone know what's the chance of getting off the wait list from Minnesota and UNC? Apparently on the second group of wait listed students, and I think I'm on the wait list at UNC as well, because I haven't heard anything, and I didn't get rejected after the email inquiry I sent. Also, I have been admitted to Maryland's Applied Math program, but there program also has a Statistics concentration. Does anyone know how the program rates/ranks compared to other traditional statistics programs?
  9. Got a funded offer from UC Davis saying I have been offered funding for four years only probably because I am currently getting my master's degree. Any idea whether this is a tight call to complete a PhD program, as I will still have to start from scratch at the new program, and a PhD in US (in any field) is a longer drawn out process.
  10. Yes, I saw that. I wasn't sure what not being informed meant. Effectively wait listed or denied.
  11. I haven't heard back from Michigan, too. Does not hearing back mean we're effectively waitlisted? I emailed them but no response.
  12. I think ultimately for me the decision is going to come down to choosing between Maryland and UC Davis for Applied Math. I am interested in probability, and stochastics with inter-disciplinary applications. Both UC Davis and UMD seem to fit the ball, even though their applied math programs are a bit on the traditional side. Any suggestions about the programs if any one has experience with them? The decision is going to be very tough as both programs have essentially the same structure, and I can't even figure how to systematically analyze them? Any suggestions on how to tackle this would be ap
  13. Ahh. Luckily, I have offers from Ohio State, and 2 applied math schools, but UNC STOR is a school I'd like to attend. I was hoping to get at least an offer around the Minnesota-UNC STOR range, but I guess competition is just too tight for students from South Asia, and I'm not from a reputable Stats school from India or China. Let's see how it goes.
  14. Any idea whether UNC Chapel Hill/Minnesota (Statistics) systematically released their (first round of) offers? I see a couple of acceptances on grad cafe, but nothing like a wave of acceptances/rejections etc. 😕
  15. I haven't heard from Michigan, and it seems they released some decision today. How does this school usually send its acceptances? In batches? Should I think this is a rejection?
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