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  1. Still waiting to hear back from them. Hoping for a positive response as they asked me to submit the missing items in my app asap.
  2. it seems like Ohio State has started looking at applications. I was contacted by them to submitting the missing items in my application.
  3. Yeah, same here. I missed at an easy 78-80%. Still remember 4 problems that I should have had correct. I prepared a lot for the September exam; didn't prepare much for the October exam, and my score still took a 10% hike. I just couldn't do 'damage control' by getting a hold on incorrect problems that I should have otherwise gotten correct. I think I'll send this score to 2/4 schools on my list that recommend it. Let's see how it goes.
  4. I have the same score. I've been told by some people on this website to not submit this score if it's optional or even strongly recommended; however, a couple of people have told me that I can go ahead and submit it as this score is in the 70-75% which will not significantly aid one's application for top schools but will not necessarily hurt it as well. Apparently, the consensus on this website seems to be that you should submit your score to schools when it's around 75-80% or above. The difference between this score and a 71% is taken into account by 2-3 questions,so I'm not sure how the admissions committees would view a 71% vs a 78%, and you could have gotten the latter by getting 3 more problems correct.
  5. I'm still a bit confused about whether I'd like to submit it to Chicago, and Columbia. I know my chances there are slim, but I'll still take my chances. You're right. I'm not surprised these schools get a lot of applicants who get >80%. What about middle tier schools like Ohio State, Minnesota that don't even recommend it? I'm not so sure whether a Stats program would really like to see a score on the MGRE exam in the first place. Right now, I'm thinking of not sending it to Stats schools that don't even recommend it, and I can send it to 2/4 schools that do. I'll have to send it to math schools, even the middle tier one's. Any last minute suggestions for schools I can consider above the top 25 and below the top 25 range to optimize my list? I'm just freaking out now I guess.
  6. Hey everyone, I got my updated score on the GRE Subject Test, and it's 760 (71%). I'm both glad and sad. The difference between 71% and 80% is just 3-4 problems, and I should have had this score. Someone like just can't do damage control on stupid exams. 😕 Do you think I should submit this score? Again, only schools like Chicago, Columbia, Washington etc. require/recommend it. I'm going to submit it to applied math schools that require it, though. I know cracking the top 20 is going to be difficult for an international student like me, but I don't want to have any regrets so I think I'll still apply to around 3-4 top 20 schools and take my chances. But my main problem is that most applied probability faculty seems to be only concentrated in top stats/math departments. Any last minute suggestions for schools that have good applied probability people below top 20. Except for the usual culprits like MSU, Ohio State (mostly in math) etc. For example, I liked the program at JHU but then again I'm not so sure if I should apply there due to the competition. I'm freaking out these days trying to finalize my list. I don't want to settle for a super low school but at the same time I want to take my chances and apply broadly. My complete list of schools as of yet: https://imgur.com/a/n8NCKwd Sorry for the long post. I'm just starting to get super nervous now.
  7. Yes, I'm mostly hedging my bets on schools in the 20-40 range. However, I'm going to take my chances and apply above as well. Thinking of Canada as well because of future job prospects so I'll try and sneak a couple of app's there I guess.
  8. I emailed Simon Fraser as well and they said that most of their international students get funded as well. I guess I'll take my chances at 3 Canadian schools I guess. Simon Fraser and the likes, and maybe 1 along the lines of Waterloo.
  9. Hey. Sorry for fixing in, but I've been meaning to apply to some Canadian programs as well, and my concern is also that it's very difficult to get funding unless you're a PR/citizen. I guess both of you have already seen my profile. Any suggestions for programs I could tackle. I was thinking maybe one in the Waterloo category and others in the Simon Fraser etc category.
  10. I must add that I guess my impression is colored by the fact that math departments seem to have varying opinion about GRE Math Subject Tests. For example, almost top 20 schools use it as a filter to develop the first short list of applicants. On the other hand, some schools don’t put too much emphasis on this test. For example, I was tentatively recommended for admission by a professor at Minnesota, a top 20-25 school, with a sub, sub par score. Also, a 60% score is considered all right for middle tier math programs (25-50) but I agree that things are just stacked against international students. For example, see Pete Clark’s response to a query here: https://academia.stackexchange.com/questions/32171/should-i-report-a-48th-percentile-math-gre-subject-exam-score-for-programs-where In any case, since not the top, too recommend it, you really, really need a top score to make it count, but I was under the impression that at least sending it won’t hurt one’s application.
  11. @Casorati Makes sense, but will this score *hurt* my application. 61% is supposed to be all right. Respectable but not great. 80% is considered good enough for pure math applicants to top 25 schools. Of course, top 15 schools are very, very selective. So it can't hurt, right? At least I think it shouldn't. 😕 But yes, I agree, it's an all right, and not exceptional score, so it probably wouldn't add any additional value, which is why I won't submit it to schools that don't request it, even Berkeley and UNC.
  12. @Casorati True. I'm not hedging by bets on the first 3 schools, but I sure do hope my application gets considered at UNC Chapel Hill. In any case, the first 4 schools on my list are dream schools, so yes, I agree with you. I think they're good matches as far as my interests are concerned, so I'll take my chances. I know the competition is fierce, but I thought having a decent (but not great) score of 61% would at least not disqualify me, but I guess, as you're saying, that's not true. The confounding factor here is that only the top, top schools require/recommend the test so one does really need a top score for them; otherwise, I think a 60-70% score can be good enough for middle tier applied math/statistics schools, but most statistics schools don't required it so, meh.
  13. Also, what about schools that strongly recommend the MGRE? Columbia and UChicago. I know my chances over there are little, but I’ll still apply as I don’t want to have any regrets. The MGRE won’t aid my app but I sure hope it doesn’t hurt it. Your thoughts? Should I submit it there? I assume strongly recommended means you better submit it, especially for international students.
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