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  1. Undergrad Institution: US Big State ~150 US News Math&Stats Dept Major(s): Mathematics Minor(s): Computer Science, Actuarial Science GPA: 3.85 Type of Student: International Female GRE General Test: Q: 168 (93%) V: 153 (60%) W: 3.5 (39%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: M: N/A TOEFL Score: N/A Grad Institution: N/A Concentration: N/A GPA: N/A Programs Applying: Statistics Research Experience: My school: 1) 1.5 years in engineering (some data science work), a 3rd author published IEEE conference paper, a 2nd author submitted 2) 1.5 years in atmospheric
  2. Well, the thing is, you don't have obligation to go to a university even if you have signed the contract. Obviously it is not a very nice thing to do, but they cannot stop you from quitting their program after accepting it and go to another one. I think that's what the department means.
  3. From two of the big departments that I got accepted to, their fall semesters should start as normal. I have not heard anything about possible assistantships cancellation (well if that happens by any chance, I would be the last person to know anyways...) For the recession concerns, I don't know how the universities would be affected by it. My guess is that RA's funded by department, NSF or NIH would not be affected as much since the grant is from the government directly or indirectly (from student tuition for private institutions). But my guess is that some company contracted RA positions
  4. Do you mind letting me know who you contacted? I email stor_grad_adm@unc.edu but never got a response... Edit: I am asking about UNC contact
  5. Last year my department has a decent amount of people just could not get visa at all because of sensitivity of stats, or STEM majors in general. They have been checked for months and the department gives them one year to get a visa. But this year there is pandemic, so I am not sure how it goes for those people. I am not sure about other departments, but I think people all understand the situation, but they gotta do what they gotta do. So far, from information I have got from a big-size stats department, they do not encourage me to go back to my home country due to the unclear situation.
  6. A deadline is coming up and still nothing from 5+ schools I applied to. I emailed them in Feb and all replies are pretty much "please wait" (I know emailing in Feb is a bit early but I had to do so for an earlier decision deadline). Some of them told me the results would come out in March but I really don't have the time to wait until March 31st. Others only gave generic answer like results will be out by April 15th or even May. Should I email them again? I feel bad for bothering them again and again but I don't want to accept an offer with question marks on 5+ programs I applied to.
  7. Didn't apply to UCD, but got rejection very early from NCSU. I emailed TAMU and UNC in mid Feb and all they said was something along the line of "we're still reviewing applications and can't give an answer" UNC had their campus visit on Feb 21 (one of my friends went and told me they were about to send out 2nd round offers soon). Some mid-range schools like UTAustin told me they are about to send out 2nd round offers in March. So I guess there's definitely more coming. Tbh I have no clue about TAMU, they said they still sent out offers until May. Anybody here got accepted? What's their re
  8. yes that sounds about right. Actually the department I visited was called "center for statistical genetics." Seems like a legit place to go, lots of good faculty & plenty of funding.
  9. hahaha I lived here for 4.5 years, about to be 5. Not a good place to be in the summer but fall/spring/winter is not bad.
  10. Emailed UT Austin and they said 2nd round offer will come out no later than the end of March. From record, Colorado State's 2nd round would come before or during the last week of March. So I guess they are all trying to make it before national response deadline April 15th at least.
  11. although their biostats and stats are separate departments (actually pretty far from each other as well), their biostats did claim to be the #1 in the nation. I don't know where they get it from but that is what they told me when I visited past summer.
  12. Since nobody has talked about TTU, I am going to mention it briefly (it is my undergrad institution). Stats is in the same department as math, on your diploma it is not a big deal to have a phd in math not in stats, everybody knows those departments are quite common. But prelims are not only restricted to stats, one of the prelims you have to pass is in math. Some people take complex analysis cuz it's ez (it's not a pure waste of time obviously since the math faculty there are great, but it is not THAT related to stats). The department lost three stats faculty last year due to different reason
  13. Nope. I emailed them about 10 days ago, they said "The admissions committee is currently reviewing applications. We do not have a specific time frame as to when decisions will be made but if anything else is needed the committee will contact you directly." That's it. But on people's signature on this post I saw some declined offer from UF.
  14. Thank you for sharing your prospective! That is a good point that you made. I will think about it.
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