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  1. Hello All, Hopefully all of us here have been able to avoid this virus so far. Just out of curiosity, how would this current virus scenario impact students like us who will be starting graduate studies from fall 2020? To be more precise, would we still remotely continue our school? Can there be any circumstances where universities take away/cut funding opportunities like scholarships and TA/RAships, which have already been granted? How would graduate assistants' duties change ? I know one's not foresighted enough to accurately answer all of these future events but does any of us have any
  2. @Stat PhD Now Postdoc can you please suggest me some range of schools that I may apply with my current profile?
  3. Thank you @Stttat and @bayessays for your input. By the way, @bayessays could you please be a little more precise about the programs (i.e. 70-90 range ranking programs or smth like 100-200 ranking schools) that I may apply with my current GRE? Moreover, I am strongly considering retaking GRE for schools that have deadline on feb 15 or later. Thanks a lot for your time and patience guys. Believe me I feel a lot more relieved now.
  4. Hey Guys! I know we have a lot of experienced members here who see these kind of posts very often. Can someone please have a look on my following scenario and recommend some programs/schools that seem reasonable for my profile? Please help me out here and feel free to be brutally honest!! Program of Interest: MS Statistics (smth more inclined towards applications especially in data analytics) Undergrad Institution: #218 National University US News & World Report (a US public school) Major: BS Mathematics, Minor: Economics CGPA: 4.00/4.00 (Last 60 hours) Type o
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