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  1. Undergrad Institution: Top LAC Major(s): Mathematics Minor(s): GPA: 3.88 (major GPA like 3.92 ish) Type of Student: Domestic Asian Woman GRE General Test: Q: 167 (90%) V: 170 (99%) W: 6.0 (99%) GRE Subject Test in Mathematics: M: N?A TOEFL Score: N/A Grad Institution: N/A Programs Applying: (Statistics/Operation Research/Biostatistics/Financial Math/etc.) Research Experience: REU in CS/ML (no publications), senior thesis with honors in applied stats/ML/probability theory Awards/Honors/Recognitions: School GPA awards, mathematics department awards Pertinent Activit
  2. Thank you @Geococcyx and @bayessays! Will definitely ask about dissertation/placements and potentially contact programs about alternate dates. (The dates aren’t conflicting, it was just a personal work related thing.)
  3. Hi, I was wondering if any of you have any input on a dilemma I'm facing. I'm mostly interested in statistics and social science applications, particularly social network analysis, policy and causal inference, demographic methods, etc. I was accepted into the joint program at CMU (statistics and public policy) earlier today, and am not sure I can attend both their visit day and the Michigan visit day. I know there are a couple professors at Michigan doing similar research, but I'm not sure if their program is as focused on interdisciplinary social science research as the CMU joint program is?
  4. I was not the person who got the UW interview, but I was wondering if usually all potential admits were interviewed or only a subset? There seem to be results from 2019 indicating that at least one person was admitted without an interview, while others were admitted after an interview.
  5. Hey, I was one of the Minnesota admits (stats PhD). I’m guessing they notified me earlier because they told me they wanted to nominate me for a university diversity fellowship that has a deadline next week and requires an additional essay. The visit day isn’t until March 6, so they could definitely be doing several rounds of admission offers.
  6. That makes a lot of sense, thanks so much for the advice and reassurance! I'm definitely interested in more applied areas of research rather than theoretical probability, so I will probably just let it go and work on strengthening other parts of my application. It's just hard not focusing on every little detail of my application now that deadlines are coming up... Good luck on your apps too!!
  7. Hi, I'm a 2020 Statistics PhD applicant and I have a bit of an unusual question. I go to a well-known liberal arts college and have taken courses at nearby college campuses. I took one of my more important higher-level math courses (abstract algebra) at one of these adjoining campuses and got a B+ -- this particular school, however, is known for grade deflation. I think the B+ at this other school would have definitely been a A- or above at my own. (I realize this rather specific description probably outs which school I'm from...) Unfortunately I haven't taken any upper-division math cou
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