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  1. Well, there's a section that asks you to estimate your expenses and another for how much money you have to live on. I wasn't sure if the fee would be in CAN or USD because the application has to go through an American office, even though it's a Canadian embassy. :/ It's so stupid they won't take phone calls. I emailed them last week and still haven't heard back. Have you tried seeing them in person? Is it completely fruitless?
  2. I wish my school was doing more of this stuff for me. I have a couple of questions for anyone who might have answers (the Canadian embassy here is really unhelpful with immigration questions -- they don't take phone calls about it!). First, I was wondering, do I pay the application fee in CAN or USD? And when I estimate my total expenses, do I do that year by year or by the total amount of time I'll be there (2 years)? Any help would be really appreciated! I'm stressing out.
  3. I would probably only use those for math courses. I take better notes when I type simply because I type much faster than I write.
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