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  1. Winnipeg!! Nice to see another Canadian! Excited? I know I am!
  2. I want to move in August too, so I booked a flight in mid-July to go and apartment hunt. They're usually available a month before move in. At least, that's the impression I'm getting from what I've been reading
  3. Moving from Canada to NYC in the fall! Attending NYU's Mental Health Counseling program! So excited!!
  4. I am going! I've decided not to live on campus, but to find a roommate instead, so I'm currently in contact with a potential. What about you?
  5. See you at NYU!! :) Anybody for Mental Health Counseling??

  6. Are grad students only able to get student housing in Washington Square Village? And there are no pictures! So frustrating!
  7. Thanks guys! Your comments made me feel a lot better about the whole situation. I met the guy last night and saw her for the first time since she got back. Even after some obnoxious comments from her (Her: Guess what? I'm getting married Me: So I hear. Congrats Her: You didn't say congratulations before (referring to when I walked into her house and said "welcome home"), I still managed to keep composed and had a good time. Didn't really talk to her for the rest of the night aside from the above and when she said "Did anyone ever tell you how brilliant you are?" when I spilled half a
  8. Hey guys, This is probably not the right place to even post this, but I need some support right now. I'm having a rough night. I just found out that my 18 year old cousin is getting married. Her and her boyfriend have been dating for about 4 or 5 months. Just some back story: She was in Israel for her first year of university this year when she met him. She's a modern religious Jew, so her family is a bit different from mine. Mine is Jewish, but very conservative. My immediate family values education over marriage. But I can't help but feel a little bad. I'm the eldest of 15 grandchild
  9. Hi guys... This is probably in the completely wrong thread, but there isn't one called "Complain, Complain, Complain." I'm so frustrated. I shouldn't be. I should actually be celebrating right now. I've worked so so hard and after I applied to grad school last year for Counseling Psychology and got rejected from both schools I applied to, I went into application season this year a little afraid. But since last year, I put a ton of effort into chunking up my cv and doing a shit load of work during my "year off." I was still pretty down on myself, but then I got 3 acceptances, one from my T
  10. Thanks guys! One less thing to worry about is always great!
  11. This may sound like a really odd question, but do people ever use REAL notebooks in grad school? I really hate using computers. Staring at the screen for so long hurts my eyes and my fingers get sore from typing. Not to mention, i have finger tendonitis and wrist arthritis. No, I'm not 60 years old. Thanks!
  12. Anyone else accepted? Are you going? Why or why not? Did you get an info package in the mail? I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. I hope I'm not waiting for nothing. lol!
  13. Well, I called them this morning to see if a decision had been made and the lady looked up my file and told me they mailed something early last week. When I got home from work, it was actually in my mailbox. Small, thin envelope. Only correspondence I had with them. No emails, nothing. Just the letter. Good luck!
  14. Rejected. Bummed, but oh well! Hopefully going to NYU! Good luck y'all!
  15. In Vancouver for a grad school interview. Checked my email before the interview, only to see I was ACCEPTED to NYU. So unexpected. I'm flattered and so unbelievably excited. Hope I can find the $$. Lots to think about!!! SO elated.

    1. crazygirl2012


      Sounds like a great day! Congrats!

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