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  1. For students deciding on graduate schools this fall, I thought I'd provide some additional information on recent rankings by the National Research Council. From the NRC, "the data, collected for the 2005-2006 academic year from more than 5,000 doctoral programs at 212 universities, cover such characteristics as faculty publications, grants, and awards; student GRE scores, financial support, and employment outcomes; and program size, time to degree, and faculty composition. Measures of faculty and student diversity are also included." Here is the link to the full report (free, just requ
  2. Who is at Texas A&M that does sports stuff? I ask because I went to undergrad there a few years ago in Sociology and can only think of one person who is definnitly a race person with some sports stuff mixed in.
  3. Funnily enough, we did speak honestly, and he laughed when he saw all of the animosity directed at me. "They didn't understand you at all!" He's decided to accept the offer, but he's only going to finish the masters at the school that gave him the offer, which after I pushed him, he negotiated up. He's also planning on applying for several paid internships, and jobs in the area to supplement his income and resume. He understands where I was coming from, and said he can't promise he'll be okay with following me in 10 years, but that we aren't there yet and I just need to slow down and focus
  4. Wow... so my original post got a lot of hostility, and I've been busy so I haven't checked back in a while, but I just wanted to respond to everyone at once after I've had a while to think everyone's comments over. 1. I apologize if I came across big-headed in my posts, I can definitely see how they could be read that way. I would say that I have been lucky and blessed to be admitted to a great school, and have worked hard, but I wouldn't say that "I'm all that". None of y'all know my friends, who could confirm this to you, so I guess you'll just have to give this other internet forum perso
  5. 1. He hasn't had to sacrifice anything. We've only been in a long distance relationship thus far. 2. We definitely are in different fields, and because we're both interested in academia, and I'm a female, our goals will always differ slightly. I will always be held back by having children, no matter how much I want them, and he will always be advanced in his career if we reproduce. 3. It's hard to catch up when someone is 2 years behind you in grad school. Getting a Ph.d. in 3 years... not common. Plus these would be 3 additional years of long distance. 4. His attitude is that everything is
  6. I would love advice and perspectives from both males and females on this one. I'm currently in a relationship with a great guy. He's applying to graduate school this fall, whereas I am finishing up my second year. I'm also currently at a top 5 program in my discipline with full funding, I just received an NSF GRFP, I have a prestigious internship this summer, and I finished my masters thesis a semester early. By most measures in my department I am considered highly successful. The fact that our grad school trajectories haven't matched up has been hard, and we've been long distance for a yea
  7. I would caution students from using identifying information (names) as their grad cafe names. Grad students in the current programs troll these boards, and we know what you're saying before/after you show up. Just be smart about using the internet. GradCafe is a great resource, but I think people are a bit loose with some of the information they share here. I would also echo what everyone else has been saying about GRE scores. GRE scores seem to only really matter if they are low. If you know you aren't good at taking tests like the GRE, take a class and take it early and often to increase
  8. HKK

    U Washington 2010

    I would make it VERY explicit to whomever you want to work with that you will be doing qualitative work and see how they react. When I mentioned it on my visit it was almost like I'd said a dirty word or cursed in front of them. I'm highly quantitative, but I also think support for mixed methods is an important quality for a department to have. Ironically, I chose my other highly quantitative school on my list and I've done just fine. Again though, I love numbers, I get numbers, I love stats, and qualitative work was more of an afterthought. My friends in the dept have told me the "support" fo
  9. HKK

    College Station, TX

    I'm surprised at how negative the posts are about College Station here. I would like to provide an alternative to the doomsday aspects painted here. I went to undergrad there and I loved it, despite being as liberal as you get. As a graduate student, I think you are shielded from a lot of the negative aspects people are talking about on this board. Also, to people that complain that the housing market or bus system is bad... you are DELUSIONAL! Wait until you move some place where the housing market really sucks (State College, PA; Washington DC) and then you'll realize how great you had i
  10. HKK

    NSF GRFP 2009-2010

    It really isn't. Something similar happened to me last year (one reviewer kept talking about a study abroad I never went on) and the NSF was all "too bad, so sad". Bureaucracy at it's worst.
  11. HKK

    NSF GRFP 2009-2010

    The shock of winning is finally starting to wear off. Still beyond excited! I feel bad for some people that are saying they can't attend school or are going to have to teach because they didn't get this. I have guaranteed 5 years of funding, so this basically just bought me out of 3 years of it. It gives me some negotiating room if I want to stay a 6th year I suppose. I'm a little embarrassed to post my stats, because they seem so much lower than everyone elses, but if it can help someone applying in the future, then it will be worth it. Field: Sociology (IM/BI): E/E; E/VG; VG/E GRE V7
  12. HKK

    NSF GRFP 2009-2010

    Can't get my ratings sheet yet. I got one. OMG I can't believe I got one. It's insane. I'm shaking. I woke my poor West Coast parents up by calling them when I saw the email. Even they understand how big this is... finally!
  13. First, I've never heard of this cloning phenomenon. In a good department, a professor shouldn't be worried about cloning students, because they should be in productive collaborative relationships that don't seek to replicate themselves. Secondly, I can give you several examples of "fit". As a student who works closely with the admissions committee, we often see students applying to the same group of schools. Students who are interested in African demography might apply here and Brown, and be accepted to both. But, depending on the student's exact interest "health disparities in Africa" vs "
  14. HKK

    Where do I stand?

    I saw someone mention Penn State in the list of programs. It is a HIGHLY quantitative program with little to no support for qualitative research. It looks like most of the research you have done has been qualitative in the past, just something I thought you should know before adding it to your list.
  15. HKK

    Johns Hopkins

    There might still be some hope, as several students who were accepted to JHU signed at our recruitment this weekend. The waitlisted students for JHU who came to our recruitment were almost salivating over that, as they were high on the wait-list. Two JHU wait-listers couldn't shut up about it on their weekend. I get that it's your dream school, but when we admitted you outright with a much higher offer.... couldn't you at least be polite about it on our visit? Were any of the rest of the wait-listers given your ranking on the list? I feel suspicious about that, and I'm guessing that everyon
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