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  1. I am Heather, nice to meet you since it looks like we will be in the same incoming cohort for the fall. The campus and the behavioral science building were not much to talk about, but the department and faculty itself are amazing and that's what counts. I met with about 10 professors while I was there and 5 grad students and the students had only praise to give about the department and the professors. The one thing that did concern me was the grad students told me their funding had not been touched with budget cuts, but my last day there the students were all wearing strike buttons and read
  2. I did go and visit last week. This is my only PhD offer with funding so money-wise I'm leaning towards it, but I've never lived in a big city and when I visited Chicago it really intimidated me so I'm worried about being able to hack it in Chicago. I will probably suck it up and go there anyways.
  3. I got in with funding as well. Have you gone and visited? Do you think you will accept this offer?
  4. If any of those of you who are wait listed get notice that you get in please post it and keep us updated. Has anyone heard how many people are on the waiting list and how we are all ranked? I emailed the grad coordinator, but haven't heard anything back. This is my only PhD options that I got into so I'm kind of anxious about it.
  5. She told me I would hear by the end of the day yesterday, but I didn't get anything!
  6. I emailed the grad office yesterday and just got an email saying they are reviewing applications today and I should have an answer by the end of the day. Thought some of you might want to know.
  7. I got my notice today as well that I am wait listed. I wonder how many people are wait listed and what order we will all be considered in hmmm?!
  8. Maybe they're just trying to narrow down their candidates for the last few spots. Just keep hanging in there!
  9. Does your acceptance letter say anything about them only taking a cohort of 4 this year? I know someone else said that earlier so I'm just wondering if that was stated formally? Thanks for giving us hope!
  10. Good luck. I know just how you feel.

  11. so scared that I won't get in anywhere, just trying to hold some hope together

  12. Anyone heard anything from Cornell?
  13. As hard as I know it is to not have heard anything from any schools yet, I would almost take that over the depressing of two rejections. The one from Princeton was hard, but come on, kind of expected, but the one from my safe school that was supposed to be my backup, that blew me away yesterday and left me wondering if I have any hope with all the schools in between. You will be on the roller coaster soon enough just hang in there.
  14. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything from Johns Hopkins?
  15. I got a rejection email from Princeton at the beginning of this week so if you haven't gotten anything yet, you should be getting something very soon! Good luck!!
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