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  1. Hi CardTricks. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question and for your insights. Perhaps I will speak to you in the next few days. I'll follow up via PM if I have any additional questions that don't get answered over the interview visit. Thanks again!
  2. Does anyone have advice for preparing for interviews with the MIT-Harvard HST MEMP program? I know that they are technical and serious compared to other programs but I am wondering if there is anything I should prepare beyond having solid technical knowledge/understanding of my research experiences and being prepared to explain and defend my research proposal. Thanks for your help!
  3. I am targeting applying to PhD programs in BioE/medical engineering either in the Fall of 2015 or 2016. I am considering applying to schools in the top 20 and HST MEMP is my top choice. However, I have no publications yet and I think my research experience is pretty light with a good portion of my research in industry (biotech). I am also worried because I have taken a few gap years and am concerned about the strength of my recommendation letters. I am hoping to use my writing skills, which have been recognized as a strength by my professors, to my advantage on the personal statement to try to help mitigate these shortcomings. Any suggestions on how to improve my profile/application would be helpful. For example, would it be useful to go for a MS somewhere first to get more academic research experience before applying to a PhD? Thank you for your help and any suggestions. Undergrad: MIT (Engineering, not BioE though) GPA: >3.6 GRE: September 2014 Research: 5 months synthetic bio research (project won best in medicine track in an international competition), 5 months research in genetic engineering, 2+ years of biotech industry research in drug delivery, cell culture, protein purification EC: STEM mentor & tutor, multisport varsity athlete, multiple leadership roles in undergrad groups, leadership program graduate in industry Other: Experience with biomedical startup dynamics, have successfully taken HST and premed courses as an undergrad, won department awards in engineering and humanities Programs I am interested in: HST MEMP, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Cal/UCSF, JHU, Duke, UCSD, Northwestern, Rice, UPenn, Yale, Michigan, GT
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