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  1. Hi glow-gene, I saw your post in the 2016 applicant forum and thought I'd send you a message. I just submitted my applications and WUSTL's Molecular Genetics and Genomics program is a top choice for me. 

    really want to get an interview at WUSTL, because that is where I shine. On paper, my stats aren't so great: 

    Undergrad: Top Liberal Arts School

    GPA: 2.98

    Major GPA: 3.0

    GRE V: 161 (87%)

    GRE Q: 159 (75%)

    GRE AWA: 5.0 (93%)

    Research Experience: 

    3 separate summer internships, working mostly in human psychiatric genetics (one in plant genomics). 2 years post-grad working as an RA in a top human psychiatric genetics lab, one paper in PNAS with nobel laureate (mid-author), another in submission to Neuron, 2 posters. 

    Bonus points: I've done independent student research as an undergrad, received several (small) grants to fund my summer research, and my LOR's are pretty strong. 


    Do you have any idea whether I could be a competitive applicant at a place like WUSTL? I'm hoping my vast experience in human psychiatric genetics (a strong focus at WUSTL) will be a plus. However, I know my GPA might keep me out... 


    Any advice would be very much appreciated.

    1. glow_gene


      Hey there, 

      I am so sorry I'm just seeing this! I never got a notification about a pending message. My sincere apologies that I wasn't able to give any feedback and I hope your interview season is going well.


  2. I've thought about this too.... but then I'm not sure how comfortable I am asking previous professors to do that. Maybe they don't have to outright spell out the issue, but I could give them the background info and ask them to just really chalk up the extra efforts I made outside of the classroom.
  3. That's definitely the fear- that if I don't mention it, it just looks like I am incompetent in the classroom, or didn't care. I think that's not the case at all, and my professors would back me up on it, but numbers are numbers I certainly wouldn't consider myself a loose cannon by any means, and I'm not even in treatment anymore, but those 4 years were a different story. I do understand the perspective of the adcoms being wary of anyone that doesn't look like a guarantee on paper. I just wish that one number didn't blemish my otherwise decent chances of getting into my dream programs.
  4. Hmmm... while I see your point that it might be a common reason on apps for people to excuse bad grades, I would hope that a neuroscience adcom would be far more understanding and empathetic than others, perhaps. It seems hypocritical to me that a group of people dedicated to studying the brain would have such a strong stigma against those with mental health issues. BUT, what do I know? That's why I'm posting here after all. Obviously I wouldn't make a big deal/sob story about my struggles, but it would untruthful to chalk it up to having a hard time adjusting, or being unsure about colle
  5. Kind of similar to your results- I didn't reach significance due to low sample size and relatively high variability, but also found a noticeable trend that aquatically dispersed probiotics increase spawning rate in zf, # of eggs laid by the female, # of eggs actually fertilized, and embryo mortality rate. I tracked all the stages of embryonic development (just me and a microscope in the basement of the biology building, ha), and found the embryos from the probiotic group to generally develop a little faster, again, with lower mortality rate. I tracked the fry up to 3 mo. and again, found a low
  6. That's really interesting! Might I ask what you discovered? (the brief version of course )
  7. Can you clarify what exactly means umbrella programs? Does that mean general biology programs? Or interdisciplinary programs? Sometimes the nomenclature is confusing for me. I realize that my list is a little ambitious, but so many people tell me don't go to grad school if it's not in a program that is worthwhile to you. These schools are the only ones that have a strong emphasis on psychiatric genetics, which is what I'm interested in. (unless you count applying abroad, which I would have no chance in with my GPA- I wouldn't get funding for sure). I looked at the role of aquatic pro
  8. Wow, thanks for your optimism. It's so easy to feel super inadequate when a lot of what you see these days is people with amazing stats getting rejected everywhere :/ How do you like UCD? What do you know about their Neuroscience/Neurogenetics opportunities?
  9. Would love to hear everyone's input, as I don't feel like a very competitive applicant at the moment Undergrad Institution: Top 10 Private Liberal Arts ('13 grad) Major(s): Biology Minor(s): Neuroscience GPA in Major: ... not sure, I think 3.2? Overall GPA: 3.0 Position in Class: School didn't give out rankings, but there was no grade inflation, if anything there was grade DE-flation. Many professors applied the bell curve (where majority of students in a class get Cs) Type of Student: female GRE Scores (revised/old version): considering re-taking... my practice scores were muc
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