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  1. Do you think it's a mass email or a personalized one? I haven't received anything...
  2. Have you heard anything from Columbia DBMI? It seems that they sent offer on Jan 31st last year
  3. Do you know whether CMU CPCB have sent out the offers or there are still chances in the coming days? It seems that CMU CPCB usually send out rejection one week after sending the offer.
  4. Just want to ask here whether anyone knows whether USCD BISB was done with their interview invites?
  5. Not sure whether you still need answer and whether those programs closed the application or not, but since you have a clearly defined research interest (which I'm also interested) I'll suggest go through the list of ENCODE/ROADMAP/4DN members list and find the faculty and school you like-- does not have to be senior PIs: some new AP also have good connection within the consortium and also conducting good projects, and they may have a higher demand of students than senior PIs.
  6. I'm not in a professional position to answer, but here are just my 2 cents: I believe it depends on the quality and "fitness" of those research project. I personally think fitness of background with the potential POI is a very important factor. I personally won't treat 3.55 major as a really low GPA (not sure about the case in the US, but in HK it could just be that you perform only slightly worse than 2-5 people who get A and A- that result in you a B+, given that the program is small). Of course, I have a major GPA of only 3.491 so maybe I'm biased on this. I did get the MPhil/PhD offer from my undergrad school with only 3.281 (overall) /3.491 (major) GPA even with a field transition (CMB -> CS). I guess the key is that I have done something directly related to the work of my POI and proved my ability to do research. If you happen to get some publication or manuscript in prep, I believe it would be quite helpful. Well... I do hope it's this case....I'm now applying to PhD program and facing this situation again....Hope I can get some interview (unfortunately I'm an international...)...
  7. Undergrad Institution: International school (world 28th in CS, 100-200 in life sciences, 49 overall in QS ranking) Major(s): Cell and molecular biology Minor(s): N/A GPA in Major: 3.491 Overall GPA: 3.281 Position in Class: not sure, probably upper-half; graduated with second upper-class honor (HK system, similar to UK's). Graduate Institution: the same school as undergraduate school Major(s): M. Phil (2-year research degree, similar to first 2 year in PhD) in computer science and engineering, thesis project is on bioinformatics Overall GPA: 3.694 Type of Student: International male (quite a number of programs say that they do not have enough funding to cover tuition for international students....) GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 157 V: 169 W: 3.5 TOEFL Total: 109 Research Experience: Equivalent 50 months full-time research (some application form require that by converting part-time experience to full-time ones), mostly in bioinformatics (multi-omics & method development) 7 projects listed on CV. 3 in undergrad, two of which are wet-lab, another is multi-omics bioinformatics study. One wet-lab project yield in a 4th authorship in PNAS (direct submission); Been able to do some higher-level experiments in undergrad, for example, confocal microscopy, Y2H and FRET 4 in postgrad: 3 manuscripts in prep, one is the thesis project which should be a 1st-authorship and hopefully on a prestigious journal (but unfortunately, I'm not able to get it published now apparently); another one of the 3 should be a co-first if things work smoothly. The thesis project is luckily a hot open question in the field. Quite a number of my PI-of-interests are working on the same problem using various approaches. A side collaborative-project (which I'm not the major working force) yields another 4th-authorship on a specialized biology journal (if > 20) LORs Got one letter from my thesis advisor, another two from two PI-in-collaboration in my thesis project (h-index 36, 124, 36 respectively). All should be strong as our relationship is quite good generally. My advisor might or might not have connections with faculties I listed as interested, for some of them are in the same ENCODE project. SOP No idea whether I nailed it or not... Awards/Honors/Recognitions: (Within your school or outside?) - Received university entrance scholarship - Another scholarship that covers half of my undergraduate tuition fees Pertinent Activities or Jobs: (Such as tutor, TA, SPS officer etc...) - TA for a 3000-level CS course, >100 students, has lab session and tutorial courses - RA in current research lab. Applying to Where: UCSD: BISB, Princeton QCB, Harvard BIG, MIT CSBi, WashU DBBS-CSB, UW Genome Sciences I contacted 4 profs in UCSD and Princeton, but only get 1 reply from UCSD. The email reads that he is impressed but still I need to pass the committee first. So I guess that may not be too helpful for me to get the interview?
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