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  1. hyronomous4, Thank you so much! This is very helpful advice and I think I'll proceed in that direction. Makes perfect sense. Thanks!
  2. I want to apply to MSW programs but have not yet taken a statistics course, which seems to be a requirment for most programs. Wondering if anyone knows of an online statistics course that will qualify for MSW application requirments. Thanks!
  3. So helpful! Thank you. It's hard just to know where to start sometimes, but this is great information. Options are certainly limited, but I'm not ready to give up the possibility yet Thanks again!
  4. Thanks so much for this helpful info!
  5. Dear community, I am a US citizen currently living in Japan. I would like to start an online MSW program while I am living here, but don't know if any program exists for students living abroad. Does anyone have any information? Thank you all so much for your help!
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