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Online Statistics Course?


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I want to apply to MSW programs but have not yet taken a statistics course, which seems to be a requirment for most programs.


Wondering if anyone knows of an online statistics course that will qualify for MSW application requirments. 



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It varies by program what they will accept.  If it's a basic stats class from an accredited university then it will likely count but it won't be a guarantee until they actually get your transcript and approve it.  I found that many programs required the stats class before you start classes but they didn't require you to have it done before you apply.  I didn't take my stats course until I was accepted into a program.  That way I could send them the syllabus of the class I wanted to take and then made sure it would count.  I didn't want to take any more stats than I had to.  You might even be able to take it online the summer before you start your program through the same university to make it as simple as possible. 

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hyronomous4, Thank you so much! This is very helpful advice and I think I'll proceed in that direction.  Makes perfect sense.  Thanks!

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