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  1. Woohoo! I know the feeling. Good luck to all!
  2. Gearing up for this month's visits! I'm so excited!

  3. Humanenvironment


    I received my acceptance offer on Thursday. I know someone a couple years back that was picked from Vanderbilt's wait list, so there is hope. Good luck!!
  4. Axmelahuac, nicpiya miac tequiti. Axcualli pampa nicochmiqui.

  5. I haven't heard anything yet. Good luck to all!
  6. Thanks so much for your kind words.

  7. Have you consider a language placement exam? That way, you can gauge where your strengths and weaknesses are in French. Community organizations and schools may offer intensive language courses over the summer. You can base the results from the test and then take the appropriate courses. Hopefully, this option will fit with your schedule. Good luck with your endeavors!
  8. If you really want to know, you can email the DGS. His response may take a couple of days, but he is one hell of a guy. I'm cheering for you, Urojas!
  9. Urojas and lurkers wondering about Vanderbilt, I have some news. The department has not yet reached its final decisions regarding incoming students. I was one of the unlucky ones, but that's ok. Vandy's rejection made me feel special even though I did not get in this year. I will complete my M.A. and try again later. Good luck to the rest of you! I will have my fingers crossed for all of you! Good luck with your endeavors!
  10. Thanks, Urojas. You say it. It has been one heck of a year.
  11. ¬°Que pendejada! I find this whole process amusing. It's almost April, and I still haven't heard anything. Thank God I was accepted to another program. Have you heard anything, Urojas? I would love to hear something definitive.
  12. Hello to all and congratulations to those with acceptances! It is March, and I am officially going nuts. I normally lurk on this board, but I am dying to know if anyone has heard from (or applied to) Vanderbilt. I haven't heard anything since January, so any information is much appreciated.
  13. Adapting and the belief of determinism in these situations are what keep me sane. I received my first rejection today. I'm not ashamed to admit I cried for a good two hours. Then I burnt the rejection letter. I am extremely impressed with the quality of paper used for the letter. The flames on it were amazing. After a bottle of wine, things do not look as bad. Plan C is in gear, since Plan B is most likely not going to work out. Good luck with the rest of your schools!
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