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  1. I will be going in the Fall for a PhD in Chemistry. I will probably end up moving there in early September, although my current location is Los Gatos which is just over the hill.
  2. Well, the advisor is fairly well known in his field, but most of his students end up going to government labs, industry, or teaching at junior colleges because when it comes to hiring at a University, the department itself is not the last word. That being said, I have connections and experience in the Solar industry and taking time off for school is just going to boost that if I ever want to go back.
  3. I should respond and say, I am extremely lucky to have been accepted to the school that I am currently aiming to go to right now. Having more options is more of a peace of mind, and possibly a boost for my morale in going back to school. However, I would gladly attend the other school if I did get rejected. As for the person who posted above, it took me five years to build up the courage to submit a grad school application and I am glad I waited to be sure. Getting a job is definitely hard right now, but doable. Going to a program later is definitely a plus, especially if you think you have room in your application for improvement.
  4. My situation: I have one acceptance at a lower ranked school. The professor I want to work for is well known for physical chemistry, although the ranking of the school definitely lowers my opportunity for academia. I don't know if I will ever be a professor, but it's nice to have a good reputation for job security purposes. Funding seems adequate but the area I would be living in is costly. I have one school left to hear from, and when I emailed them two days ago, they responded by telling me that I am on a waiting list pending on their first choices deciding to go to another school. This school is in another state and I am destined to pay the out of state tuition differences, although the campus housing is cheaper. The program is ranked higher in physical chemistry and the professors have a higher pedigree. I would also be maintaining an LDR with my boyfriend or in the worst case scenario, parting our separate ways after living together for over a year. I don't need to make any decisions for a couple weeks, but it's a little nerve-wracking not knowing where I am going to end up next year.
  5. Waitlist at CU Boulder or Beach Bum at UCSC

  6. Chemistry here: My stats are Out-UCD, UCI, UCSB, UW-Seattle In UCSC WL- Cu Boulder (May not even know until 4/15!) Really want some resolution on the Boulder front.
  7. My tally is: UCD, UCI, UCSB, Washington Seattle-Out CU Boulder-Waitlisted WUSTL- In Does anyone know about the Grad Chem program at Boulder?
  8. Some schools like to get you there to visit early if you are a stellar person, which seemed to be the case with the first school I got into. In my case, three schools seem to be stalling on their decisions but thankfully, I received an email from one of them telling me that I would know by March 16th whether they wanted me or not. So far I am 1 for 6 with two rejections.
  9. I have a weird predicament. I was accepted to WUSTL and I've already visited them, picked out professors, envisioned my life there, etc. Yesterday I found out that UCD had rejected a person from the results page, but nothing comes up for me. Furthermore, I am waiting for Washington and Boulder to get back to me. Are they waiting for funding for me? What are the visit dates for Washington and UC Davis? I want to plan a vacation before I fully immerse myself in grad student life.
  10. The current school I am looking at, especially if my other applications do not work out (which is becoming increasingly likely) has a thirty-infinity minutes length commute through a windy mountainous road that only has two lanes and occasionally closes down at the sight of accidents or rock slides. My boyfriend and I currently have an apartment on the other side of this mountain. My plan would be to obtain the cheapest/most comfortable place possible and then retreat to my apartment on weekends. Housing is pricey. If I got into one of the other schools, the game would change substantially not only because they are higher ranked, but I could actually see myself moving to a different city at this point in time (not to mention cheaper rent!). In one scenario, my boyfriend may be able to transfer his job and his family is closer.
  11. Did you write them yet? You probably did already.. but a non-ranting letter might let them know that they need to act on your application now.
  12. Still waiting on UWashington, Boulder, and UCDavis and believe me, I am more than happy to take your place if you choose the top program, but I completely understand the checking things out part.
  13. Having a social life trumps just about everything that I do. The less I am attached to my email and this website in the coming weeks, the better.
  14. I should update and say that UCSC has said yes. I am still waiting on the others with bated breath. However, being a beach bum materials chemist does not seem like a bad idea.
  15. Well...I feel weird posting this and getting accepted somewhere in the same day. It makes me feel a lot better to know that I am going somewhere now. As far as responses go, I like LateAntique's the best. Figuring out what you did incorrectly is definitely half the battle.
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