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  1. Salim_

    NSERC 2015-2016

    Yeah, huge bummer. I had three journal papers, 4 conferences, and a technical report. I really don't know what it would take to get this damn scholarship. Alas it was my last try (can only apply within first year of PhD), so it is time for me to move on...
  2. Salim_

    NSERC 2015-2016

    Got a letter in the mail as well (Hamilton), was rejected as well.
  3. Salim_

    NSERC 2015-2016

    No letter in Hamilton either.
  4. Salim_

    NSERC 2015-2016

    selecttext is that based on insider information ? or just based on previous years / their self imposed deadline of making sure applicants receive them by March 31st?
  5. Salim_

    NSERC 2015-2016

    Mac sent notifications today regarding forwarding to NSERC. They forwarded 53 candidates out of 101 applicants for PGS/CGS D. Good luck!
  6. Salim_

    NSERC 2015-2016

    Nothing from Mac so far!
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