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  1. I remembered CMU only asked for unofficial transcript
  2. Updated List of School after consulting my Research Professor Objective: Chemical Engineering Ph.D. 1. CMU 2. Rice 3.TAMU 4. Houston 5. Colombia U 6. OSU 7. CSM 8. LSU 9. UC-Riverside 10. U Chicago (IME)
  3. Yeah, I mean IME!!. One student in our department was accepted last year, and she is also first year graduate. Her GPA was higher than me, but I still want to give a try. We could email or chat in Facebook
  4. Yeah, I will retake it next week. But any reason for why you recommend these schools? I did prefer the locations because I will go to industry after graduation
  5. wow, it all top 20!! I had similar background but lower standardized score, and I am also applying CHE phD. I don't think the school will place more value on your GRE over your GPA. You may not have much advantage once you made above average of the applicants. Good Luck!
  6. Here are my statistics Undergraduate student in University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemical Engineering OVERALL GPA: 3.49/4.00 Major GPA: about the same GRE: 317 (Q 160 V157 A 3 ) Research: 2 years research under one CBE professor with bio track (4 semesters) Award and Honors: 6/8 dean honor list Honor in research current list of school: all PhD chemical engineering RICE TAMU U Chicago U Coloumbia Colorado school of mines Auburn U HOUSTON UC-riverside LSU Any recommendations and input?
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