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  1. Thanks! Now I have to decide between the schools which is making me even more nervous than waiting for acceptances. Yes GU was for the Italian program. Congrats on Illinois!! I actually was born in Champaign and have lived there my whole life (except this year.. I'm in Italy on an internship). I went to undergrad there, so if you have any questions I can definitely help you out! I really loved the school and all the comp lit/Italian faculty and am hoping I can return for the PhD program after an MA.
  2. Thank you, Between Fields! That's definitely the clearest advice I've received so far. I'm starting to lean towards the two-year option, as well.
  3. I did! I got an email a few days ago saying they could not offer me admission at this time, and that they would let me know if anything changed by May 1st. Slightly confusing.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone could give me a little perspective on my current situation. I've been accepted at Dartmouth for a 1 year Comp Lit MA AND at Georgetown for a 2 year Italian MA. Both were my top picks for their respective fields and both are offering full funding. Ultimately, I plan to go on to get a PhD in Comp Lit, but my main focus within the field will be Italian. My question: is one school/program obviously better than the other? Dartmouth is obviously an Ivy and probably carries a little more prestige. The program is shorter and therefore would be cheaper (but the workload would be slightly more difficult). My POI hasn't been quick to communicate with me but she is teaching a class I would be very excited to take next year. Georgetown is still a great school (#21 to Dartmouth's #11), but I place very little importance in rankings that close together. DC is very expensive city but I would be in Italy for part of the program. My POI and the Grad Coordinator for the program have been very welcoming and helpful so far. My POI there studied comparative lit originally, so she would be able to help prepare me to enter that field later, should I choose GU. Thank you for any help you have to offer!
  5. So glad I've found other people who aren't ashamed to say they enjoy King. I really hope what you heard about Doctor Sleep is true! My parents bought it for me for Christmas because their vision of me studying literature is me lying around reading popular novels (at least they're trying). The Stand got me interested, The Shining got me hooked. Right now I'm reading a collection of short stories called Oblivion by David Foster Wallace. The boyfriend is a huge Wallace fan so I'm acquainting myself with his work, but I didn't have the courage to go straight for Infinite Jest. I'm interested to hear others' opinions on the novel... I either hear that it's a work of genius totally worth the time it takes to labor through it OR that it's completely inaccessible. Thoughts?
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