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  1. I removed myself from the waitlist at Iowa (Ph.D.) and Delaware (M.A.), and declined offers from Mizzou (M.A.) and Michigan State (M.A.). Attending: OHIO STATE, BABY!!!
  2. I've heard from some professors who have served on adcoms that sometimes GRE scores come into play during final admissions decisions stages in "everything else held equal" situations--i.e., they need to decide between two seemingly identical applicants. I'm not saying that I think it's the best policy, but apparently it can (and does) happen.
  3. Thanks for keeping us posted, byronlover, and congrats on officially accepting this wonderful offer!
  4. Dear Iowa--Please put us waitlisters out of our misery. KTHXBYE.
  5. Although I didn't apply to UC - Irvine, I find this post quite unsettling. But I definitely appreciate you looking out for us grad-school hopefuls, Blop!
  6. Thanks for keeping us posted, byronlover, and best of luck!
  7. Are there any "English specific" bits of advice we can include in this thread?
  8. I keep checking "Waitlisters' Paradise," only to have my ship of hope violently dashed against the rocks. . . to speak in understatement.
  9. Not I. My ISIS status hasn't changed either. What about you?
  10. Everytime I see this thread, I start playing "Gangster's Paradise" in my head. . .
  11. Thanks for the insight, margate. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. . .
  12. Thanks for clearing things up, Rock, and sorry for any misunderstanding on my part. I'm glad to hear you're a fan of the reciprocal "complementary theory" we've discussed in this thread. *knuckle tap*
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