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  1. Yup, I applied for CET Harbin. I hope we find out about if we got the CLEA or not so I finally have a reason to pay my application fee!
  2. I'm so sorry, Certain_Entropy. All I can say is I wish you the absolute best in your future endeavors!
  3. Did you happen to use this site? http://postcalc.usps.gov/ I wish the mail would get here faster~~~~!!!
  4. Upon reading your post I called Jonathan and he said exactly what you said in regard to China. Thanks for your indirect encouragement
  5. I just called Jonathan. China applicants: letters were sent out this week! OMG we'll find out next week!!!!
  6. My application to CET Harbin technically isn't finished since I had a huge problem with one of my recommendations. Have you tried asking ACC for a deposit extension? Based on what other people have said on these boards it doesn't seem like we can hear results over the phone. With South Korea getting their results now I hope China and the other East Asian countries can follow suit. I did see a post by JC on the spreadsheet from 4/14 that says nothing yet from China and Macau-- which is scary! Who wants to call Jonathan on Monday and ask if letters have been sent out??
  7. Update for China applicants: called Jonathan, said the earliest he hoped letters would be sent out is the beginning of next week, and the latest would be the end of the month.
  8. Jonathan said the same thing for Taiwan and Korea (according to the spreadsheet): that letters will go out at by the end of this week/early next week. Maybe that's the case now for China?!!
  9. Hey zazabell, I think we find out about CLEA after our full grant notification. That's what I understood from reading last year's Fulbright thread. What program are you applying to? I applied to CET Harbin.
  10. I asked my advisor today to clarify, sorry for the confusion! Here's what he said: "[Jonathan] meant that he thinks that the finalists should know something by the 30th. No promises, but that's what he thinks." I am a bit disappointed that it is so late even though it's just a week later than last year's notification date.
  11. For China applicants- my advisor contacted Jonathan and he said that he expects to hear by April 30.
  12. Expected but still disappointed haha. I was reading through last year's Fulbright thread and someone found out about China on April 21.... So hopefully we'll find out then too?! (Potentially) three more weeks!!!
  13. Congrats, Nikkola! Please be sure to update the final notification spreadsheet when you are done celebrating https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=taWW8xiKve1Tm6Ow6bHdhYA&hl=en
  14. After reading your post I got inspired to call up Mr. Akeley's office and badger them about our notification date. The guy wasn't in but his secretary said, "We're just waiting to hear from them." Couldn't even confirm that we'd hear in April! I wish the Asia-Pacific region had someone like Rachel Holskin or anyone who's just more open about our statuses.
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