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  1. I lost my interest in the program due to timing. I do IPE, so the program is actually a really good fit for me. But, I don't think I am going to wait any longer before I commit. Once I hear back from Princeton WWS, I will make my decision regardless of my chance of getting admitted at UCSD.
  2. I claim Stanford GSB rejection: randomly checked the website. Also, I haven't heard anything from Princeton (Funny)...
  3. Thanks a lot for this. It is indeed random to a certain extent.
  4. I sympathize with you almost 100%. The flow of offers has stopped for me since Michigan, Rochester, and couple other universities. I have a 3.8 from an Ivy and 1400+ on the GRE with a great SOP (I spent 4 months on it with professors and graduate students giving me feedbacks.) Not to mention I have a great array of recommendation letters from the Ivy. I am getting rejected by some other lower ranked institutions + Stanford and Princeton (Probably). This is frustrating because I have great great potential advisors at HPS. We will see whether Harvard makes an offer or not, even though it seem
  5. There is a post on GSB already. I applied to GSB, but I don't think I have gotten in. On the GSB website, it says decisions will be announced in mid-March, but from the past trends, we are likely to hear back next week or so.
  6. Chicago is the other one....http://political-science.uchicago.edu/ Herbert Simon and the first!
  7. Also, UCLA's endowment has gone down below $1b. Given the size of its student population (both undergrad and grad), this amount of endowment doesn't seem enough to maintain the University's status as a major research institution. So, they may be choosing candidates extra carefully.
  8. This is outrageous! I hope this only applies to pure WWS programs, not joint-degree programs with econ and poli sci.
  9. My poor friend still believe everything on departmental websites. He is sure that he will hear back in mid-March. Yes, he will if the ones he is getting are rejections!!! I think everything except waitlisted people will be over by the end of February. @ cpaige: I ate every single piece of them!
  10. So, I had Chinese food this evening. I had two fortune cookies and found the following: "There will be many surprises: unexpected gains are likely." "Your infinite capacity for patience will be rewarded sooner or later." I am probably extrapolating too much, but I wanted to share this fortune with you guys!
  11. For IR, it would be hard to find another place besides UCSD. I still haven't heard back from UCSD's PSIA program. It's one of my top choices!
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