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  1. Having been through this process two years ago -- I encourage all of you to hold off on this talk of "implicit rejections." Nothing is final until you hear from the school. Some schools (including the department I attend now) will release offers in waves. Even if the bulk of offers have gone out, it's very possible that you're really on more of an implicit wait list. I was rejected from 2 schools many weeks after the rest of the rejections went out. For many of you, the next month is going to be one of the most emotionally taxing times of your lives and a lot of your friends and f
  2. It meant that they weren't sure who would be declining or accepting offers yet, but there was a small contingent of us on this board at the time who had not yet been rejected. Most of their department's offers had been posted on here many weeks prior. It wasn't a "waiting list" in any official way, but we were kept in purgatory in the event that their incoming cohort fell short. I wasn't informed of the UCLA rejection until after the 4/15 deadline had passed.
  3. When I applied to UCLA 2 years ago, I was on an informal waiting list until after deadlines passed in April, at which point they rejected me. So just FYI, in the event that you hear nothing.
  4. Early applications do not matter at the program that I attend.
  5. Grad student here. I created a resume-style document when I applied. As applicants, you likely don't have the experience to really create a traditional CV. I would advise you to worry less about the actual formatting of the document and just make sure you get all of the necessary information across in a clear, concise, professional manner. To the original question -- I don't see why you wouldn't list all of the items you mention. Regarding the thesis question: you can certainly list information on your thesis under the education section, but unless you submit your thesis as your writ
  6. Your V and Q are strong enough to get your file considered at top programs. The writing portion isn't going to keep you out. You would be better off spending your time strengthening the rest of your materials versus taking the test again in hopes of bringing AW up (and potentially scoring lower on Q/V).
  7. I agree that you should only apply to schools that you know you would genuinely be happy attending. But I will also add that it is important to be respectful if you are asking professors to submit 15+ letters of recommendation for you. Set up your online applications very early so that they have more than enough time to log in and take care of it at their own pace without feeling rushed.
  8. Rather than make assumptions based on the average current student, I would suggest that you contact professors within the PhD programs that interest you. Ask them these questions and seek their feedback on your compatibility in their departments. It has always been my impression that programs prefer cohorts to be heterogeneous -- you do much of your learning from the students around you and it's not particularly interesting to be in a program where everybody has the same background and perspectives. Some students do a terminal masters prior to entering a PhD program, but they do so for
  9. I didn't contact professors prior to submitting my applications. After reading on this site about others who had made contact with faculty, I sat down to draft something a few times. In the end, I never sent the e-mail to anyone because it always felt overly contrived -- due to the fact that I was writing the e-mail for the sake of e-mailing them and not because I had anything particularly important to ask or say to them at that point in the process. I believe a post from Penelope Higgens (above) in another thread is what led me to my final decision that e-mailing "POIs" in political s
  10. I think most (all?) admissions committees know that the writing a spontaneous essay in 30 minutes really doesn't provide an accurate indication of whether or not you can handle the rigor of a graduate program. Your statement of purpose, essays, and work sample all provide a better demonstration of your writing ability than your AW score would. Your Q/V scores are solid, as are your other credentials. You also run the risk of scoring worse on the other sections of the test, despite earning a higher AW score. Honestly, I would suggest using the time to work on more important areas of your ap
  11. I think you are right that it will largely depend on the program and the makeup of the admissions committee. If you plan to contact professors that you are interested in working with (I didn't do this when I applied) then this is something you might be able to bring up with them. This process can be such a roll of the dice with so many applicants for a very small number of slots available. With that in mind, it could be entirely possible that your unique work experience may at the very least catch someone's eye enough that they give your file a second look and thereby saving it from the
  12. Good luck with your applications -- it is a long, stressful process and this community will be an excellent resource for you in the coming months. Also, be aware that members of admissions committees from many (most?) programs do frequent this site. Few post openly while most do not. Your post includes a lot of personal information and certainly enough to link your application file to your username. Some users are fine with this, others prefer to maintain their anonymity on this site. Edit: You are correct that a strong and compelling SOP will help balance out your GPA. I would
  13. I think I would feel even more guilty if I let the cheaters get away with it.
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