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  1. I am clinical neuropsych too, I have one interview at UF so far. Most interesting in neuroimaging and pathology.
  2. Well yeah that has to be different because interviews for clinical neuropsych are at the end of feb. There is still hope!
  3. Minnesota* Ha. I guess if I can't spell it, I shouldn't be admitted.
  4. Just heard from Univ Wisconsin-Milwaukee that all their invitations have been sent out but I have been waitlisted. Whatever merit that has, which is probably none.
  5. Also, ucsd/sdsu said that if you don't get an interview by the end of this next week, it's a rejection. According to an email they sent a few weeks ago.
  6. Okay so Indiana Bloomington has probably sent out all of their interviews. Did you get a phone call?
  7. Sorry I should clarify I meant only for Clinical Psychology.
  8. I got an interview from Florida University in Gainsville, not sure if that is the one you are talking about. My POI's are Russell Bauer and Catherine Price.
  9. UCLA, Univ Minnesota, Univ Indiana in Bloomington, Univ Maryland, Univ Wisconsin-Milwaukee, UCSD/SDSU? And if an interview, who are your POI's?
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