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  1. Same. Alternate for pre-doc political science
  2. I already have full-funding from my PhD program, how do they account for the funding If I receive ford?
  3. In at Rutgers, 5 yr excellence fellowship. So happy to finally be in!
  4. Didnt recieve rejection email from Vandy ... Whats going on?
  5. I emailed the DGS at Princeton and says he hopes that all acceptances for Princeton go out over the next few days.
  6. Silence from Princeton, i assume rejection. My top choice! I would have given anything to go there
  7. I'm seeing people post rejections but very sporadically. And not high in quantity. Maybe they were lazy
  8. Did you guys coordinate your proposed plan of graduate study with your letter writers? Curious For the predoctoral fellowship that is
  9. I'm confused, is Columbia sending out individual rejections? Or?
  10. If you haven't gotten an acceptance from Stony Brook it may likely be a rejection. I emailed the DGS and he informed me I was rejected. I was very close to being admitted too. First official rejection.
  11. Last year people started to hear back around mid march.
  12. Hi Everyone, I thought I would start this thread since we are only a month away from hearing back from Ford Fellowship. I've applied for the Pre-Doctoral Award in Political Science. Lets start a good thread and let me know which field you guys have applied for and which award so we can dicuss!
  13. You guys are making something very simple, complex. It is foolish to be concerned about the prospects of earning a job or not. I have followed this following maxim: There are steps that must be taken to achieve success, we all generally have those resources or some degree of access to them, combine those resources with your own fortitude. (i.e do what you need to do) and you'll reach the desired destination. It may not be a clear path, as it never is...but just enjoy the journey and as long as you build positive relationships, work hard, and put your best effort into your work then it will alm
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