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  1. POI. During my interview my POI explained the adcomm process and said she would send me a follow-up when her interviews were complete and she had submitted her picks to adcomm. The email I got from her was that follow-up. I keep telling myself it's better to know now... but I would have much preferred having an offer somewhere already in hand when I got this news. :/ Would have softened the blow, yunno?
  2. I am sincerely hoping that this is the case... seeing as I just now heard news of rejection from UOttawa, which was my second-choice school. Waterloo is #1. Despite feeling like Waterloo views me as a very strong candidate and despite the fact that my interview there was fantastic... I find myself bracing now for possible rejection from them too, just in case. Glad I have solid back-up plans in the event I have to apply again next year.
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhh... *panics* I was also told that the UWaterloo people will be meeting this week. That being said, I saw someone with an unofficial offer from them on the results page, and I'm not sure what the chances are that a prof would've emailed that info before the official meeting.
  4. This is brilliant! On another (less cynical) note, I've contemplated the idea of someday printing out minis of all my research posters in glossy full colour 8.5x11s, then framing and hanging them in chronological order. I think it would be a really cool sort of progression to display - and MUCH more interesting than a silly old degree. I always think that each poster I make is my best one yet, so it's nice to look back and see that improvement too.
  5. The flexibility that clinical affords is very appealing to me. What I like is the ability to create a different balance of research and clinical activities at different points during my life. Based on my location, living situation, financial needs, and my own emotional health and capacity for different responsibilities at different times, I'll have more freedom to do all of A] take more or fewer clients as a practitioner, B] supervise more or fewer students as a professor C] set up my own clinical practice at some point, D] take on more or less administrative responsibility in other roles... the list goes on. For me it's not at all about postponing a decision between two options - I already know that my ultimate goal is to fully incorporate both research and clinical practice into my career. That alone has already pushed me towards clinical programs (despite freakishly high competition for these spots! Eeek!) I love research, because the pursuit of knowledge is incredibly intellectually satisfying for me and has the potential to marginally improve many many lives and society has a whole. And I also love clinical work, because providing those services directly to individuals can more deeply impact and improve the lives of those we serve. It's about the sum total of intellectual + emotional fulfillment; I know I need both to be happy, and if I couldn't find a career that offered both I know I'd wind up searching for some hobby or side job to fulfill the other anyway.
  6. It's because they don't make all 13 offers at the same time. They would love it if they could get their first choices in applicants, but they can't always, of course. Here's a hypothetical timeline of events to illustrate: 1. School makes 8 offers to their first-choice applicants. 2. 5 of said applicants accept, while 3 others end up declining (presumably in favour of another school's offer). 3. School now has only 5/8 slots filled, and starts going through its waitlist to send out 3 more offers, replacing those which were declined. At this point, POIs who didn't even get priority to invite a student in the first offer round may get a chance to take someone. 4. The 3 waitlisted applicants are thrilled to recieve their delayed offers! However, two of them have already heard back from and accepted offers from schools higher on their lists. The third applicant from the wait list accepts. Now there are 6 students attending from 11 total offers sent. 5. School digs even deeper into its waitlist to send out a final 2 offers. By this time (with all the waiting for earlier offers to be confirmed or declined) it is after April 15th. The two applicants who receive them are ecstatic - they hadn't been accepted anywhere else and had resigned themselves to probably reapplying next year. Both candidates enthusiastically accept the offers. 6. Tada! School welcomes a newly enrolled class of 8 clinical students in Fall 2015, despite having made a total of 13 offers (8+3+2, 5 of which were declined overall).
  7. Yeah that was me! I say "generic" because it didn't seem personalized to me in any way - but I don't know if it was one of many sent at the same time or not. The email did state "There are quite of [sic] few applicants we are in the process of contacting," which to me implies that if you didn't get ruled out with a rejection email like I did, they may yet contact you or have you on a waitlist perhaps. I have my fingers crossed for you!
  8. Wow Tacoma, congrats on your acceptances! I wish you the best with the decision process.
  9. *shrugs* Nothing really to me at least... probably because it's one of the first Canadian clinical programs to be sending out acceptances this year, there's just more there to talk about right now.
  10. Could it be a product of the applicant pool spread? Ryerson's clinical psych program is relatively new and just saw its first set of graduates complete their PhDs. Could this possibly cause it to attract fewer applications from strong out-of-Province or out-of-Country applicants? And then they'd have a greater proportion of applicants from Ontario who would have been more likely to apply in greater numbers because of proximity/convenience... Just some speculative thoughts! Anyone with insider info on Ryerson care to weigh in?
  11. I'm one of those with a uOttawa interview invitation - I can confirm that I was contacted by an individual POI and not some timeline-synchronized faculty process. As a newer faculty member there, this POI may have had a shorter stack of applications to sort through? (I dunno, that bit is speculation on my part.) Also I got the sense that faculty members freely set their own interview schedules. Considering that uOttawa ends up accepting (iirc) 15-20 new clinical students every year... I'm sure there must be plenty of forthcoming invites still in the works. I also put multiple POIs in my application (lots of profs there do research in my field of interest) and I have my fingers crossed that I might still hear back from some of the other ones! I don't even really have a first, second, third choice of POIs in mind, so I would especially appreciate getting to interview with more than one of them.
  12. Most of my schools have really surprised me with how early they've been sending out interview requests... except one. Queens had the earliest deadline of all of them and still nothing (nor anything on the results page). Has anyone here (clinical psych) heard back yet from a POI or the department at Queens?
  13. Thanks Mandy P. for creating this thread! I've found it much more useful than the general threads already and finally decided to create an account as a result (I've been a devoted lurker and poster on the results pages). Just thought I'd pop in, say hi, and wish everyone luck! I'm really on a roller coaster of emotions with these applications... I've had a couple interviews and even after one goes very well I still feel like a ball of nerves only days later.
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