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  1. if you log on to the account management page, you might see something?
  2. I believe you could also defer Ford for up to 2 years. Also, I applied for the Pre-doctoral Fellowship in Ethnic Studies.
  3. HistoryGypsy, Purdue sent a very kindly worded email, welp. That could mean your application is literally still being reviewed. Keep your hope up! What's your top choice, if I may ask? Shablam, true, I just want to get it over with. D:
  4. So uhm... has anyone NOT heard back from NYU (acceptance or rejection)? I feel like an abandoned child now, lol. D:
  5. Hello! Yeah, I think this is pretty early compared to past years. I don't know whether they do it all at once or in waves, though.
  6. Thank you! My heart almost stopped when I opened the letter. It's actually just the application portal.
  7. Yes! I'm really excited to visit the campuses but also nervous about the process :/ I'm sorry to hear that, but it's still early! Do you know when those decisions come out (Brown/Yale/NYU)? I don't have a top choice program (yet, but I should), because I've been waiting to know the funding packages. I'm not ready to take out a huge loan for school yet. UCD Cultural Studies barely gives any money to their students. And neither does Berkeley Ethnic Studies.
  8. Thank you! I think they have sent them all out, and from the emails, there are 9 accepted, not sure if they keep a waitlist. My two rejections are from USC American Studies and UMichigan American Culture. Sad about Michigan, but oh well. And, hahaha! I should probably add that to my signature. My research interests are mostly immigrants/immigration-related, surrounding race and racialization, and identity formation. I applied to a total of 12 schools: UCSC Hist of Consciousness, UMaryland-College Park+NYU+Brown+GWU+Yale+Purdue for American Studies, and UC Berkeley+SD for Ethnic Studies. So far accepted to Maryland, Berkeley, and Davis.
  9. Hi sillyrabbit, That would be me. I resisted creating an account for a very long time, but finally caved in after my second rejection today.
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